Dear Joshua,

Nice to meet you! I had a very enjoyable conversation with Gary today discussing abundance, limiting beliefs and specifically the use of credit card debt to support inspiration events. We were discussing a situation where a student of life becomes inspired to take a progression course that costs $2500. They feel strongly this course will benefit them and their ability to manifest more desires going forward.

This student now with this inspiration has to see how they will pay for this course. Let’s say the following options are available to them, in what i would say are most favorable to least desirable.

Student has inspiration and any of the following is presented by the universe, where is the line?

1. The student can pay the $2500 from proceeds from a recent windfall at work.

2. The student can pay for the course by taking $2500 from personal Savings

3. The student doesn’t have the funds at hand but can Accept a gift of $2500 from someone who loves them. ie their parents who are in alignment with the students goals of progression.

4. The student doesn’t have the funds on hand, but can borrow $2500 from a loved one who ultimately needs to be paid back, but who is in alignment with the student taking the course.

5. The student doesn’t have the funds on hand, but can go on a reasonable payment plan from the one providing the course who has incentive for the student to benefit from the course

6. Borrow $2500 from a non profit entity who is trying to serve the world, like a credit union.

7. Borrow $2500 from a bank who is trying to profit their shareholders as their primary motive for lending the money. They are not incentified to have the student to pay the course off in full but rather to continue to pay the interest. And if the student doesn’t pay, will non lovingly take the students home etc.

8 Borrow $2500 from the mafia…who if the student doesn’t pay will break his legs

9. Steal $2500 from someone who has excess

10. Accept an offer to kill someone and get paid $2500

Each of these “offers” could be made to the student at the point of inspiration. The budding desire to take the course, but at some level the student needs to use discernment for what is in their ultimate best interest.

What I am seeing that for positive karma the line is at #5…#5 and above will benefit me, #6 and below will not. I think seeing it this is a “contributing belief” it contributes to the students progression. … but one could say that all beliefs are limiting beliefs and that EWOP….but to live a wholesome happy life, personal discernment has to come in to play…Discernment is learned through trail and error. I put my hand on a hot stove, I learn to not do it any longer. I go into credit card debt, I learn to not need to do that any longer. My sense is if I create a belief that if I don’t have the resources from a source that is in alignment with my highest good, than I should not take the course. but if resources do arise from a source in alignment with me, than go for it.

I look forward to your insights.
Matt Cone

Dear Matt,

We agree with you completely. This question is about inspiration, abundance and beliefs.

When in alignment, you will receive inspiration. The inspiration aligns with who you truly are and will be for your highest good. Action taken on the inspired idea will lead to the manifestation of a true desire and to the exploration of who you truly are. It is a first step and the action will lead to the next step. The action in the moment will be something you can do at the time of the inspired idea. It might be something simple, like a conversation with a friend, some research into the idea, or something else. As a result of taking the step you can take in the moment, you will expand through the experience of action and this prepares you vibrationally for the next logical step.

In order for you to receive inspiration, you must be in the vibrational vicinity of the idea. You have expanded through past experiences to become a vibrational match to the inspired idea and so it has been released to you. You have attracted the idea, because somehow you’ve become a vibrational match to it and so it is for you. At this point, fear will pop up. You will either push past the fear and take some action or succumb to the fear and take no action. Either way, there is nothing wrong.

The timing of the inspiration is always divine and some action can be taken in that moment. If you believe that you can take action at another time, you are actually trying to control the outcome and you are succumbing to fear. You do not trust the timing and this allows you to take no action in the moment. If you knew the timing was divine, you would take some action. You would not try to control it.

The idea of control is based in fear. It’s your belief that you should know how to manifest the idea yourself, but from your limited perspective, you cannot see the magnificent journey to the full manifestation of the idea. You might use your imagination to plan out all the steps to the ultimate manifestation of the idea, but because you exist in a lower vibration, you are not yet of the perspective that will enable you to manifest the desire or even to see it clearly. Your imagination is the illusion of the desire. The journey will cause you to expand into a new vibrational version of yourself that is ready for the ultimate desire to manifest.

The fact is that you do not know exactly how the idea will manifest into physical form and so you create an elaborate journey that often contradicts with your current belief system. If your current belief system was perfectly aligned with the desire, it would already exist in your life. Since it does not yet exist in your present reality, you can know for certain that your beliefs are not currently congruent with the set of beliefs that would allow this desire to manifest. Your journey to the manifestation of your desire is actually one of altering beliefs.

You have a set of beliefs at this point in time. You must know that these beliefs are quite different from beliefs you held 20 years ago, ten years ago, one year ago, and even yesterday. As you expand, you change your beliefs. Your beliefs, along with your approach to life, your attitude, your thoughts and your desires create your vibration, which attracts the reality you experience in each moment. You are in charge of all of this and so you are the creator of your reality.

Beliefs are not true or false, good or bad; they are either limiting or empowering. That’s it. If you can adjust your beliefs by raising the intensity of empowering beliefs while lowering the intensity of limiting beliefs, you will alter your vibration in a way that aligns with who you truly are and what you truly want. As you do this, you will be in alignment more often, receive inspiration more often, and receive urges to change the conditions less often.

Now about the action choices you have given above. All action is beneficial from the higher perspective. All choices are good from the higher perspective. There is no wrong, from the perspective of Source, because it all leads to expansion and this is the purpose of physical reality. The question is better stated as which choice is most aligned with who I truly am? In order to know the answer, you must know who you truly are. You are a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. You are Source incarnated in a physical existence.

As Source, you would not consider anything other than true abundance. True abundance is receiving whatever you need to do whatever you need when exploring who you truly are. You would attract this course as the natural progression of who you are and the money or anything else you need would come easily and naturally in a way that aligns with your current belief system. However, if the belief system is in conflict with who you truly are, you must face manifestation events (which include the first resistant thought) that point out your limiting beliefs. This is simply the basic design of the system.

You are always guided to the proper choice for you. The limiting belief may be that you do not feel worthy of this next step in your evolution. A manifestation event will occur around your belief that you should not spend money on yourself. It’s not the course that matters. It’s not the money that matters. It’s not even the fruition of the inspired idea that matters; it’s the manifestation event around this belief. And so, if you borrowed the money, had a manifestation event around the guilt and shame that this loan means to you based on your current belief system, then this was the point of attracting the idea of this course. The manifestation event is the teacher in this case, not the course itself. The inspired idea led directly to the manifestation event around borrowing money to do something that aligns with who you are so that you can be given the opportunity to see this subject from a new perspective. The manifestation event is always unique and personal for the purpose of adjusting the individual’s perspective and this altering the intensity of a limiting belief so that a new and more powering set of beliefs might be created as a result.

With our love,
We are Joshua