Hey Joshua and Laurel, I have a brilliant question..

Let’s say I have five ideas to do something. I look into one, and it starts to look less interesting. I know that this is a good chance that it is fear, but there is also a chance that as I’m gathering information about it, the inspiration naturally lessens – possibly leaving the door open to try one of the other ideas.

What is a good process to know if the reason why I’m losing interest in pursuing an idea is fear or a true lack of inspiration (which may be inspiration to pursue another idea)?

Thanks and much love!

Dear Mark,

In alignment, you receive inspiration. When you act on that inspiration, you do so one step at a time. In any inspired idea, there is only one thing you can do in the present moment. That is step one. When you ponder the action of any step, you will always encounter some fear. Since you are not yet a vibrational version of the you that has already taken the step, fears will pop up. Once you push past your fears and take a step, you’ll expand as a result of the experience of taking that single step. Your vibration is raised and you are ready for the next step, which is a new step one. If you think too many steps ahead, you’ll encounter fear that is too intense and you’ll likely succumb to the fear and not take the first step. If you can see all inspiration as a single step that’s right in front of you, you will have an easier time pushing past fear and taking action. The action will lead you where you truly want to go.

Most of your inspired ideas come and go in a flash of thought. The process is so quick and has so much momentum that you might not realize what is happening. You receive an inspired idea, you contemplate it and instantly you judge it as wrong, inappropriate or beyond your ability. You dismiss the idea. This is due to a habit of thinking too many steps ahead and not realizing that the idea is truly inspired. Let’s take a moment to look at the Devine nature of inspiration.

Prior to your birth you set powerful intentions for the life you’re to live this time around. Most of your intentions are general. However, there is something more specific you wanted to explore in this life. That intention is to explore who you truly are as a spiritual leader and teacher and so you have moved in this direction. The doubt, based on your limited idea of who you are, is part of the process of self-discovery. However, as you push past fear to do what you are inspired to do, your soul’s purpose emerges. You move along your path of self-discovery. In the past, you simply acted on some inspired ideas and did not act on others. Your self-doubt has been responsible for all the times you did not act when inspired. It caused you to perceive that you were not worthy of the idea or the action. But you must understand that the ideas are Devine as well as the timing. If you receive any inspiration at all, you are ready to take the first step. You cannot know where it will lead. You must have faith in the system and know that you are worthy of the idea and all action taken will lead to your highest good.

The fullest manifestation of any inspired action cannot be known to you in your current state, because you have not taken all the steps to expand to your ultimate level of vibration where the manifestation will be revealed to you. So you make things up. You use your imagination to create a fantasy land where you think the idea will take you. This is not beneficial, because it will tend to bring up too much fear.

For you to become a vibrational match to the higher and authentic version of you, you will have to alter your vibration. Each step toward that new version of you is taken and completed as you push through fear to act on the step in front of you. If you trust the system and understand your worthiness as you explore who you truly are and allow your soul’s purpose to unfold, you will be able to push past more fear. As you understand the process and use your imagination to ponder only the first few steps in front of you, you will be able to embrace a stance of curiosity. “Where will this step lead me?” you might ask. “I wonder how this will turn out?” might be another beneficial question. Embrace the unknown and have faith in the system. If you want to know how it will all unfold before you take a step, you will be more likely to succumb to fear. If you have faith in the system and push past your fears to take action, you will build confidence.

With every step you take, you will see yourself from a higher perspective. You already have everything you need to do anything you are inspired to do. You do not have to be different than you are. You are ready now. As you take steps, your vibration will rise and so will your perspective. As you see yourself as more worthy and more capable, you will ascend and your soul’s purpose will emerge. Your hidden attributes and special talents will come forth. You will be coming into alignment with who you truly are.

We would say that sometimes when you lose interest in an idea, you are succumbing to fear. Generally speaking, this is what happens when you perceive how the subject of your interest should play out. You have been taught to follow through and in doing so, you plan the path to the unfolding of the inspiration. However, we will say here that most of the ideas you receive in inspiration will only lead to that first step so that you might expand to a new place. From that place, you will receive inspiration and it might take you on a completely new path to something else entirely. The loss of interest in the first idea is part of the path to the ascension you desire, but you tend to get locked into the full manifestation of the inspiration and you become disillusioned when the path takes you somewhere you did not see coming. It feels like you are losing interest and that conflicts with your belief that you must endure and persevere.

We say that it is only the step in front of you that will ever matter. Think only about that single step that can be taken in this very moment.

With our love,
We are Joshua