Hey Joshua,

Long no talk ( in writing form 🙂 )!

What is your guidance on setting goals and setting intentions and can you talk about the difference between the two?

Thank you, I got got so much love for you and Gary!

Dear Mark,

Before your birth into this reality, you set your intentions. You did not set your goals. Why do you think you set intentions rather than goals? It’s because goals are specific and intentions are general. If you understand the laws of the universe, the mechanisms of physical reality, and why you’ve come to live a physical life, then you understand that goals are not necessary. We will explain this further.

Let’s imagine that you live in a loving and supportive universe that yields to your every desire. Let’s further imagine that as soon as you birth a desire, it is created for you. Now, all you have to do is become a vibrational match to this desire. Since you are not a match now, how would you become a match? You might effort your way to the creation of what it is you think you want through sheer handwork and determination. That is one way to do it, but not a very effective way. Since the universe has already created your desire and also knows how to help you become a match to your desire, why would you need to do anything that might get in the way of this perfect design?

If you thought that the only way you could manifest your desire is through your own individual efforts, then yes, making goals might be of some benefit. But that is not how the system was designed. This is a vibrational reality. The only way you could ever manifest anything is by becoming a vibrational match to it. You might think you are doing, but what you are really doing when you manifest anything is being. You are not doing, you are being. You are being a vibrational match.

How do you become a vibrational match to a million dollars? If you knew, you would do it, wouldn’t you? But the point here is that you are not a vibrational match to an extra million dollars because that’s not what you truly want. You are a match to abundance, love, joy, success, and all the things that you enjoy in your life. You are not aware of how you became a match, it just sort of happened. What happened was the universe helped you alter your set of beliefs so that you could become a match to all you have in your life right now. If there is something else you want, the universe will help you become a match to that as well. All you have to do is go along with the flow of life and you will become a match. If there are some things that you wanted but do not have, it’s either because you either had no strong desire or that you resisted the unfolding of your desire. That’s the only way you can prevent what you want from manifesting in your life.

You have been guided through your life to where you are right now. Everything has turned out perfectly. You became a match to many wonderful things and experiences very easily. Did you write a list of goals for all of these things or did you allow them to happen naturally and easily? Did you have us on your list of goals or did we simply manifest into your reality? Do you see how easy it is?

From where you stand right now, you cannot possibly know how to get what you think you want. That’s because you are not yet a match to anything you desire that does not currently exist in your life. There are no goals to write and no courses to take. The universe will work out every detail so that what you want will manifest in your reality easily and effortlessly. It will be fun. Of course, you might encounter some manifestation events along the way, but when you understand their purpose, you will not fret about it. Get out of the way. Try simply handing the keys over to the universe and get in the back seat and enjoy the ride. Allow whatever will come to come and never doubt any of it.

The power that creates worlds is the power behind the manifestation of your desires.

With our love,
We are Joshua