Dear Joshua,

It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote to you. It seems to me that I contact you only when I’m feeling bad, and I’m uncomfortable with that idea, but you are the only ones I can turn to, to find some peace.

For some time now, I can’t sleep well anymore. I wake up in the middle of the night, filled with anxiety about my work. I know that it’s not a difficult one, I can do it at home, and I’m working with nice people. Anyway, I just want to quit everything. I don’t know why I feel so stressed about work. I ended up quitting all the jobs I used to have. As I don’t sleep well, I’m more and more tired and It makes me see everything look black.

I’m sure you’re telling me right now to love my job, but I really don’t know how to, in spite of all the good sides of it. And if I quit it, I don’t know what to do, because I still didn’t find out what it is that I could follow with passion. It seems to me that I’m capable of nothing, and that the world of work was never for me. I’m afraid to have not enough money to pay the bills, the house, and things I like, and I know that one of my limiting beliefs is : if you don’t work, you’ll have no money. So I keep that part time job, even if I’m not satisfied.

Do you think you can guide me? I really want to do something great in my life, but as I don’t know what, I’m so sad. And now, in France (where I live), everything’s going wrong: there are big strikes and many people are running out of gas, and nuclear power plants want to stop work too. No more electricity? Are we in one of those post apocalyptic style novels I used to read, when I was younger? Is it the reflection of my inner world right now? Dear Joshua, I’m lost. Can you help me to find back my path?

Love, Marine

Dear Marine,

Nothing is wrong. The fact that you feel negative emotion is evidence that the perspective you’ve chosen is a little different from the perspective of your inner self. You have a desire and you are not allowing it to come to you. You are noticing what is wrong and frankly that is all that’s really going on here. There is no wrong, nothing is wrong, everything is right just as it is.

The job you have now is right. If you choose to see it as wrong then you are simply choosing to adopt a perspective that is different than your inner self. That’s why you feel stressed. There is no stress unless you create it. You cannot get stressed without feeling fear. The fear you feel may seem real, but it is not. It is what we call irrational. You have this limiting idea about work which says “I must work to have money and I hate this work, therefore I am trapped.”

If a poor immigrant came to your town and was given the home you have and the job you have, would he still hate it or would he be overjoyed? The only thing different would be his perspective compared to yours.

You can enjoy your work if you could look at it from a more empowering perspective. Think of the good that you are doing. Think of the contribution you are making. Think of the relationships you are building. Thing about doing more. Think about leaning into it and becoming more rather than resisting it and wanting it to go away.

Until you learn to lean into work, you will never find satisfaction from anything you call work. It doesn’t matter if you leave this job to find another one, you will experience the same thing. Think of how it would be to love what you do and then realize that that is absolutely possible in this job.

If you could learn to love this job, then the job you would really love would fall into your lap. Learn to hate this job and the next job will be one you really hate. This is simply how the universe is designed. Ease your resistance to what you have by truly appreciating everything in your life. When you learn the habit of appreciation, your perspective improves. As you appreciate all the good things in your life, you bring more of that. When you are so focused on the trouble you see, then you bring more of that.

We suggest the following activity. Write a list of things you appreciate in your own hand on a sheet of paper. Write twenty five things you appreciate about your home and where you live. Write twenty five things you appreciate about the world around you. Write a list of twenty five things you like about your friends, family and other relationships. Write a list of twenty five things you like about the work you do and the abundance you now have.

When you are finished writing this list, transcribe it into a document and email it to us. We will tell you what to do next.

With love and affection and our full support,

We are Joshua