Dear Joshua,

I have launched my startup five years ago. I feel very passionate about the subject and I feel that we have built good products so far.

At the beginning, I enjoyed myself immensely, but commercial success has been slow to come and after 5 years, we are still not profitable and need to depend upon investors funds.

With the buildup of the company, I feel that stress is really difficult for me to handle.My day to day tasks are somewhat unpleasant (paperwork, accounting, solving problems for our 7 employees, etc.).

From the Law of Attraction perspective, I have recently begun visualizing my company being profitable, and all the perks and good feelings that come with it – loving to provide jobs to people, loving to having a balanced budget, being proud of the accomplishments.

You are talking about allowing, what kind of advice can you give me to help me allow this to happen? It’s hard as there are still a lot of things to be done on a day to day that don’t bring me joy, and still need to be done (accounting and such).

Thank you very much for your answer
All the best,

Dear Marie,

We would never offer you advice because we do not see anything wrong. You are moving along perfectly and everything is unfolding just as it should. All we can do is offer you a perspective that may make things more enjoyable and easier on you. If you can see your reality, your vibration, and where you are now from our higher perspective, you will see that everything is right.

Because you are involved in technology, you are bringing products into existence that are new. The vibration of these products and the ideas behind them are very high. They exist at a level that few people are currently able to perceive. You perceive reality based on your vibration. If you are resonating at a high vibration, you will become a match to ideas that exist at that level. Since you are one of the first to reach this vibration, others will have difficulty seeing what you see. Does this make sense to you?

All inventors and artists face this issue. If you are the artist that creates a new form of art, because you are vibrating at a very high level, because you have a very welldefined and intense desire, you will create something new; even revolutionary.

However, other people will not be ready for it because they exist at lower vibrational levels. This is why many artists are not appreciated for their work until long after they have made their transition to the nonphysical. You, as the creator of something new, must understand this concept before you can feel better. if you can understand this concept, you will know how to proceed.

You had a desire and this desire propelled you to where you are now. The desire caused your vibration to raise and in doing so, you became a match to the idea and created a company to bring forth that idea into physical reality. That is it. That is the fruition of the idea. There is nothing more to it than that. That is your work. There is no other work. If you can focus your attention on the single concept or bringing forth the nonphysical idea into the physical reality of the world, then everything you need to accomplish that will be provided to you.

Do you understand that there is no need to control anything? Do you understand that you personally are not responsible for anything? You are a conduit. You get the credit, but all you really are doing is becoming a vibrational match to the idea and acting on inspiration that comes to you. And in this case, you are the first to become a match to this unique idea. However, as time goes by, many more will become a match to the idea. At first it will be your employees, then your investors, then your customers. However, it is not your idea. The idea was always there. It always existed. You were the first to become a match to it, but it does not belong to you. It belongs to you all.

If you try to control the idea or any aspect of its emergence into physical reality, that is simply resistance. If you perceive it as your responsibility, then you are denying the power of the universe. If you become stressed out because things are not happening the way you think they should, then you are trying to take control. Release your need to control. This is the most important thing we can say to you. Just focus on doing what you enjoy and let everything else go. It is not your responsibility. The universe will inspire you to take actions that will lead to the creation of the environment that will support the emergence of this idea into physical reality. Get out of the way.

Get out of the path of this manifestation and just be consumed by the joy of it. Business ventures succeed because the founders become consumed with the joyous aspects of the business. Ventures fail when the founders become worried about controlling the business. We will say something very controversial here; those who tend to exert control (women in general due to their proclivity to worry and their desire to be seen as good) end up focused on the aspects that do not matter because they believe the company defines who they are. Those who obsessively focus on the manifestation of the desire into physical reality tend to succeed because they are focused on the beauty of the idea. They do not define themselves by the idea or the company. They see the idea as art and the idea itself has no way of defining who they are. It is a separate thing.

You want to be seen as good by the investors. The investors do not care about you. They care about the manifestation of the idea. They do not care about anything other than the market viability of the product and the return on their investment. Certainly they want you to be responsible for their money, but you are focused on the areas that do not matter only because you want to be perceived as conscientious. Give that up. Stop trying to manage other people’s perception of you. You are good, you are worthy, and nothing you do can define you.

The true indication of the reality of the situation is how you feel. If you are in alignment, you will like what you are doing. If you are out of alignment, you will not enjoy what you are doing. The fact that you worry about aspects of the business you do not enjoy, means that you are focused in a way that is not supportive of the company or your investors. You are not doing your venture any favors by taking care of the tasks that you do not enjoy. Do not spend on moment on anything that does not fill you with joy. We mean that quite literally.

If you abandon the accounting, then what will happen? Nothing. If you fling yourself into the aspects that you love, won’t that be irresponsible? No. It will be the most responsible thing you could do. You will eventually learn how the universe operates. You will either look at your venture from our perspective and the idea will become manifested into the reality of millions of people, or you will continue to feel bad and focus on things because you want to be perceived as good and the venture will grind to a halt. If you continue to feel bad, your business will fail, your employees will lose their jobs, and your investors will lose their money. But in failure, you will learn how the universe works and the next time you resonate with a high-vibrational idea, you will become obsessed with the joy.

Or you could become obsessed with the joy now. In doing this, you will quickly learn how the mechanism of physical reality really works. You are worthy and you are good and there’s nothing you can do that will ever prove that to anyone. So give up trying to prove yourself. Simply focus on doing what you want to do, what you enjoy doing, what you like to do and let things magically take care of themselves. You might be inspired to hire someone to do the accounting. You will be inspired to outsource aspects you do not enjoy. You might be inspired to raise more money. Focus on what you like and you will receive the inspiration to do whatever needs to be done when it needs to be done. You have no control over the vibration of others. It is not all up to you. You are either engaging the leverage of the vast power of the universe to bring forth this idea into physical reality or you are getting in the way. This idea will emerge one way or another. You will either be on board and go with the flow of this idea or someone else will.

You must now make a choice. You can either choose to focus relentlessly on the aspects you love or you can continue to seek validation by doing things you do not like.

With our love,
We are Joshua