Dear Joshua,

Firstly, I would just like to once again say how much I enjoy and appreciate listening to the teachings of Joshua. I have just downloaded the live podcasts which I am looking forward to hearing them.

In July I wrote to you in regard to a problem I was having with my itchy feet, amongst other things, you advised me to write 10 affirmations a day for 30 days, well, I am now on day 106 and I tend to write an entire page of affirmations without thinking about them, sometimes I feel I could go on and on. It has helped me so much. I have also started to be much more aware and as a result I tend to feel almost panicky when I have any negative emotions and try to change it as soon as possible by

1) acknowledge the feeling and asking myself why I’m experiencing this fearful thought – if I write it down, I usually get the answer and I’ve learned to accept it as a positive manifestation;

2) I write or focus on breathing until it passes – but sometimes it persists, – I realise its the fear and a limiting belief, which I consider now as something I really need to conquer. Is there something else I can do to conquer fear? Mainly it’s to do with finances. I do look around and now notice the abundance in my life and how blessed I am, but my question, I suppose is, will I conquer the fear of lack of the physical finance? I affirm abundance, I affirm my worthiness (this was a hard one) and I affirm acceptance.

3) I listen to you and other mentors on podcast / podbean / youtube and without doubt, I always receive a message / answer to clarify what I deep down already know and consequently everything is put into perspective. I love it and its magical.

After listening today to episodes 51 and 52, I was drawn to your site and have read through Steve’s question and answers, I could directly relate to quite a few and found them all so inspiring and honest. So basically, I wanted to say thank you to Steve and you for the answers, I’m looking forward to reading the others by Kyla and Kate.

Finally, I just need to say how much I enjoy listening to Gary and everyone, its upbeat, fun, and always relevant!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Dear Maria,

Negative emotion comes from choosing a perspective that is not aligned with how your inner self sees the same subject. It is reactionary. You experience something in your reality and you choose a reaction. The reaction is either favorable or unfavorable. If it is favorable, then you are looking at it from a perspective that is empowering and you are creating your life from a positive place. However, if your reaction is not favorable, you are choosing a less empowering perspective and you are now creating your life from this lower-vibrational stance.

So, we say, choose your perspective.

Choose how you react to everything. React in a way that is empowering, not limiting. Be a creator or a victim. It’s your choice. Everything that happens in your reality is happening for you because you have asked for some desire to manifest in your reality. In order for that desire to manifest, you must change. In order to change, you must confront fears and limiting beliefs. You know how this works. You must raise your vibration through the conscious analysis of fear so that you may reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs.

If you resist, you will feel negative emotion. Negative emotion is simply resistance. Give up your resistance and you will no longer feel negative emotion (that’s not really possible, but you will experience less of it). Chose to reframe every event so that the way you look at it keeps you in alignment with what you really want. That’s what creation is all about.

We feel that meditation would be extremely beneficial. You must gain more control over your thoughts. Your exercise of writing lists of affirmations is an excellent way to practice intentional creation through specifically aligned thoughts. Meditation improve your control over thought. Your uncontrolled mind will allow in all sorts of thoughts. They will resonate with how you feel. If you feel good, strong, and confident, you will receive thoughts that match these feelings. If you feel insecure and worry about money, you will receive thoughts that will cause you to worry more. When you can control your thoughts with ease rather than panic, you will consciously create the life you desire and from this state, more and more abundance will flow.

With our love and appreciation,
We are Joshua