Dear Joshua,

I keep losing things. I know I recently moved house and I’ve been really busy, but why do I keep losing everything? The latest thing is my camera, it has been missing 4 months. It’s not only very valuable but has some important photos on it. Can you help me find it, and explain to me please ways to stop it from happening again?

Thank you!

Dear Lady Lolita,

Everything that exists in your reality now matches your vibration. If you want to know what your vibration looks like, just take a look at your life. The home you live in, the number and closeness of your friends, the relationship you have or do not have with a mate, all of these things are reflections of your vibration. When you lose things, you are not a match to them in the moment. When you find them, it simply means that your vibration has returned to a frequency that includes the missing object. It is always easier to shift your vibration to include something you once had than to create a vibration that allows for the emergence of something new. The old vibration is familiar and you can find that frequency. The newer, higher vibration is more difficult to create. If nothing new is coming into your life, it’s because your vibration is more static.

If something you desire is in your life, it’s because you are a match to it. You feel ease and joy around this thing you like. Your energy is comfortable and you appreciate it. However, if you worry about losing it, you disrupt the vibration that allows it to exist in your reality. When you start to worry about it being lost or breaking, then that is a different vibration and your object may not be a match to that vibration. If it’s not a match, then it cannot exist in your reality. That is one of the most basic and fundamental laws of physical reality. For something to exist in your reality, you must find a vibration, a feeling, a thought, a mood, an energy, a way of being, an easiness, that allows it into your life.

When you lose something, you might feel sad about it. You might feel that it was wrong for the thing to be taken from you. You might be concerned that you’ll never be able to replace it. Can you see how this approach to the missing item keeps it from you? With thoughts like these, there is no way for the thing to be a match to your current vibration.

So then, what do you do? You must feel as if the thing is here, feel as if it’s okay that it’s missing, feel as if it can be replaced, feel as if something better will takes its place, feel as if you are okay with or without it, feel as if you have confidence that it will all work out for the best. These are the feelings and attitudes that allow your vibration to match the existence of the object in your life. This is the trick to finding anything that’s lost. Feel as if it’s already there. This is also the trick to creating anything you want. Feel as if it’s already there. Feel as if it not being here right now is okay. Feel as if you would feel if that thing you wanted was in your life. The feeling creates the reality.