Dear Joshua,

I know that a very important aspect of the Law of Attraction is to detach oneself from what they hope to manifest in order to allow it to appear in one’s life. Do you have any insight into how I can more easily let go of my intentions to allow them to manifest?

Often I find myself thinking about detaching from a thought, only to keep the thought lingering in the background. It’s like when you tell someone, “Don’t think about a pink elephant” and then that’s all they can think about.


Dear Lisa,

Once you have asked for what you want, that’s it. It’s done. The universe answers your request immediately. Now all you have to do is allow it to come. If you want something, rest assured it’s on its way. Asking again and again and again may work for a threeyear- old, but the universe only needs to hear it once. Once it is asked, it is given.

This is a very important concept to understand and we thank you for bringing it up. This question will help many people. Before you came to know the Law of Attraction, you assumed that if you wanted something, you had to go out and make it happen. Now you are being told just to ask for it and then allow it to come. The allowing part is the hard part because when you notice that it has not yet arrived, you are not allowing, you’re resisting.

Allowing brings the thing you want into your reality and resisting keeps it away. Have you ever asked yourself why the thing you want is not already in your life? Have you ever wondered why it doesn’t manifest instantly? It’s because you are not yet a vibrational match to it. If you were a match, it would already exist in your reality. If you’re not a match, it cannot exist in your reality. What the universe is really doing when it brings you something you want is making you become a vibrational match to it.

The universe changes you. It works on your vibration. The thing you want already has a vibration. You need to modify your vibration so that you become a match to it. It is not going to change to match you. You would not want that anyway. You came here to practice altering your present vibration so that you could become a match to everything you want. So how do you cause your vibration to match whatever you want? You relax.

You allow the universe to do the work. You become receptive to change. You allow your belief system to be molded and shaped so that your vibration can shift. You do not hold on tightly to limiting beliefs. You believe that everything is right and that everything is possible. You do not judge new ideas, people, discussions, etc. as bad or wrong. You realize that if these things show up in your reality, then they are part of the process to mold you into the version of you who is ready for what you want.

You will need to undergo a transformation in order to receive what you want. If you consider it a big thing, then you will go through what seems like a big transition or you will resist the process and not allow your vibration be altered enough to allow what you want to enter your reality. One of two things will happen. You will allow your beliefs to be altered or you will resist any attempt to modify your limiting beliefs.

Let’s say that the desire is what you call a small one. In reality all desires are equal, it’s just that you believe some are easier than others. Let’s imagine that you want the manifestation of lunch. Something has caused you to birth the desire for lunch, probably a hunger pang. Once you’ve birthed this desire, the universe opens up endless options, most of which you can easily become a match to. Of the endless options, we will discuss three of them. One is a simple and quick sandwich from a local deli, one is a more expensive gourmet lunch at a nice restaurant, and the other is lunch in New York City. You can see the the deli is the easiest for you to match, while the restaurant will take a little modification of belief. The lunch in New York is certainly possible, but is beyond the scope of both desire and belief.

The desire for lunch is not a strong one and since you’ve been eating lunch all your life, your expectations are fully aligned with your beliefs. So lunch is an easy manifestation. It gets a little more complicated as you push the limits of belief. The stronger the desire, the more you can stretch the limits of your belief system.

If your desire is strong, you will tend to think about it often. There is not much you can do about that. It is helpful to let it go when possible or to have fun imagining it. What’s most helpful is to enjoy and appreciate the moments in between. Appreciate everything in your life now and sit in eager anticipation of the fruition of your desire. Understand that you are moving toward your desire a little every day as long as you are in the state of allowing. The state of allowing exists when you feel good and you perceive everything to be going along just as it should. When the time is right, and as long as you feel good, you will be inspired to take action that brings you closer and closer to the thing you want so much. It is the simple process of allowing.

You are loved.
We are Joshua