Hi Joshua and Gary,

I have been expecting to have a leap in consciousness for some time now but it seems to be eluding me. Now I just feel tired and worn out. Nothing inspires me. My long held dream of making a website where kids can have fun learning about law of attraction and how to make loving choices seems to be further away than ever. Should I try and rekindle my dream or should I just give up? Thank you for helping,

X Lis

Dear Lis,

Once you have birthed a desire or a dream, the universe has already started work on the fulfillment of your dream. It’s already done. The dream has been set in motion. There’s nothing for you to do other than allow the dream to manifest into your personal reality. You do not need to do anything, you simply allow it to come to you.

This is the opposite of how you think it works. You believe that in order to accomplish something, you must take action to achieve it. You believe that in order for you to receive all that you want, you must know how it’s going to come and what it will look like. But you are forgetting the fact that you can’t make it happen, you don’t know how it will come and you would not recognize it even if it was right in front of you. If you don’t already possess what you want, it’s because you are not a vibrational match to it. If it doesn’t exist in your life now, it’s simply because your vibration is not within the same frequency of the vibration of the thing you want. The only way for something to manifest in your life is for you to become a vibrational match to it.

So then, how do you become a vibrational match to what you want? Do you think about what you want? Maybe. Do you write down what it is you want? Maybe. Do you get clear on the feelings of what you want? Certainly? Do you have to take action to get what you want? Sometimes. Do you have to change who you are to get what you want? Yes.

If you are not a match to what you want, you will have to change who you are being and become the version of you that matches it. You have an approach to life that is at odds with what you want. In order to get what you want, you’ll have to modify your approach to life. You will have to shift away from doing and move into a stance of allowing. You can’t make the fullest and most elegant version of your dream appear into your reality though action (or complaining, or feeling sorry for yourself, or wishing it into existence, or demanding that it come to you) you allow it to come to you. Here’s how that works.

Your current approach to life is based on doing, not allowing. The universe is an energetic system defined by certain universal laws including the Law of Attraction. You birth a desire and the desire comes to you if you allow the change to you that must be made in order for you to become a match to your desire. You have certain limiting beliefs and thoughts that keep you from changing. This is true of everyone. Very few people allow themselves to go with the flow of life. Instead they judge conditions, people and events as wrong when in fact those people, events and conditions are just the things that will cause them to rethink their beliefs. Once you can start to see that the conditions and events are there to help you change the way you are thinking about things, then you can stop and realize that some of your beliefs are limiting.

As soon as you reduce the intensity of a limiting belief, your vibration shifts to a whole new place. If you are able to alter more limiting beliefs, you might just come into the vibrational vicinity of your dream. As soon as this happens, your dream will become a reality. The dream didn’t come to you as you thought it would, you changed your habit of thought and you moved closer to your dream. It was always there waiting for you.

Let us give you an example that will tie into your dream to teach kids about LOA. You have a pretty clear idea about what your website will look like, who your audience will be and the benefit they will receive. But imagine that your dream website will actually look nothing like the one you have in your head. Imagine that your target audience will not be who you think it will be. Imagine that the things they will be learning are totally different than what you currently believe they will be learning. Just for a moment imagine that you will create a website that is totally different than what you currently think.

There is the idea of a website in your head and there is the finished website that exists in a future reality. The finished website of the future is the most elegant and perfect website based on the vibration you are emitting. You can’t visualize the future website because there is a journey for you to take. You will be changed along your way and as a result of this change, you will come into alignment with the future website. Remember, if you were already the version of you that was ready for the website, it would already exist. You have to change and your change will occur on your journey.

Now, follow along with us a little further. Your journey will be one that forces you to change your mind about the entire website. You must give up your attachment to what you think it will look like and who you think it will serve and even your involvement in it. As you travel along your journey, you will encounter people and events that are designed to get you to release your idea for what you want. They will challenge your beliefs about your dream. You will feel negative emotion as you resist their message. You will call the events and the people wrong. You will feel bad because your resistance presents itself as negative emotion. The more you resist the more tired you will become and you will eventually feel worn out. It is because of resistance that you will want to give up on your dream.

Now, if you are going to continue to resist your dream, giving up might be the right option. Why keep torturing yourself with all that negative emotion? You might regret giving up on your desire, but if you maintain your state of resistance, you’re never going to get there anyway. Unless you become an allower, which means that you accept everything as right and you hold onto no limiting beliefs, then there’s not much use having any desire. If you think you know the way to your desire, and you believe you must hold onto the version that is in your head, and you encounter negative emotion every time you are challenged, then you must also realize you are resisting the very thing you want.

When you can pursue your dream while enjoying every aspect of the creation process, without worrying about how it looks, how much it costs, or the time it takes, you will be on the right track. If you can release all attachments, you will encounter less negative emotion. If you can create something and allow it to change form and take shape as you move along, you will be in the state of allowing. You will be inspired to take action and that will be the proper time for the action. That action will leverage the forces of the universe. You were inspired to ask us this question and our answer has the power to radically alter your perception of your dream. As long as you do not resist our message, you will see your dream in a light that might just cause you to rethink your notion about how things come into reality.

If you read this answer and feel negative emotion, you are resisting your dream. If you allow what we have to say to sink in and take root, you will be inspired to resume your path. We have one little hint for you; think about the parents, not the kids.

You are loved more than you can imagine and we see that you are right on track to receiving the fullest and most elegant version of your dream.