Dear Joshua,

Can you please tell me what is going on with me and my parents and my wobble around money? I feel like I already know…another level of worthiness shit…and I’d love to hear your take on it. I feel so lost and small and tired, and I know it’s all boils down to the perspective I’m choosing, so I’m doing my best to give myself grace and work my way back up. I keep processing fears, reminding myself of who I really am, telling myself everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to. It’s easy to feel the truth of it when I’m out dancing or at the coffee shop or alone on my balcony. I want to feel the truth of it when I open bills, when I talk to my dad, when I think about my future. I know it’s all an illusion and I feel silly for getting so wrapped up in it. I would really appreciate a dose of your insight on this one.


Dear Kyla,

Think about it this way, in the reality of physical reality as an environment, money is simply a tool. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes it’s useless. When camping, a lighter is more useful than a wad of money when you need to start a fire or light a cigarette. In most of the moments of your life, money is of absolutely no use. For you to explore reality as you intended, you do not need money. In fact, if you could live as the authentic version of you, you would never even consider money. You are authentic in more and more areas of your life and in those areas you do not need money. In those areas, money is not even helpful. in fact, if you had loads of money, you could not live the life you are living now. Thank God you don’t have a money problem.

You are learning to live life from a perspective that is more authentic and natural. Your society deems that security is necessary, but you know you are always taken care of. Isn’t it interesting that for most of this year, money has come when you needed it to do some rather fun things? How did the means to do what you wanted to do show up? Did you write a plan? Did you set your goals? Did you succumb to fear and work at a job you hated? No, the money came in a myriad of ways so that you could do what you needed to do when you need to do it.

Do you need money now? Absolutely not. You do not have to make anything happen. In fact, we would say that the lack of money in your life at this exact point in time is not only perfect, it’s necessary. Thank God you don’t have enough money. If you did, you could not change your perception of this issue. The fact is that money will come. It might not come in ways you think are appropriate given the concerns of your parents and your ex. But the obvious lack of money will allow you to push through issues of self-worth to do what you need to do. What do you need to do in this moment? You need to ask for help and see that asking for help has no meaning in and of itself. Asking for help does not define you. In asking for help, you must boil down what is really important to you. It will push you to an brand new level of authenticity.

Why does your culture find it so difficult to ask for help? Why does your culture place so much importance on self-sufficiency? It’s because those were the values of those who settled in these parts. They passed down their limiting beliefs all the way down the line to you. Those limiting beliefs might have been justified to those of another time, but you are of this time and those values are not a vibrational match to a world based in love. They are a vibrational match to fear and are based in fear. Ask for help. Demand help. Seek help. Pursue help. Be in need. Allow others to help. Until you explore this aspect of how you see yourself, you will not be as effective in helping others as you want to be.

With our love,
We are Joshua