Dear Joshua,

How do I know if the flashes of inspiration that comes to me is my life unfolding or are the flashes of inspiration my conscious mind thinking about what I want to occur In my life. For example, I hope to become more prosperous. What keeps coming to me is the inspiration to work in a far away place for a few months. The thought of leaving my comfort zone of my home makes me nervous with excitement. How do I know if this is the right plan for me? Details of planning this journey have been effortless. Yet, I have the challenge of overcoming the doubt to make this journey. Joshua please guide me in knowing if I am making the right decision by leading by intuition or if I am wanting this experience and it may not be right for me. Thanks for your time.



Dear Kelly,

In a natural world, free from fear, doubt, and the influences of others, you would simply and easily go with the flow of life. Whenever inspiration struck, you would move in that direction as long as it felt good. If another inspiration hit, you would move in that direction. If suddenly, it felt wrong, you would seek a better feeling and go in that direction.

You were born into this physical reality having set certain intentions prior to your birth. Most of your intentions were general in nature, such as the intention to experience joy, love, freedom, fun, exhilaration, interest, and expansion through contrast. You also set one or more specific intentions and at an early age, you gravitated to these intentions. These are the things you find interesting and this is the source of your passion in life.

If you have already found your passion, you know it and you follow that passion wherever it takes you. You do not consider doing otherwise for you know what interests you and you fully enjoy it. If you have not found your passion, then you must follow your interests. If you are inspired to go to a far away place, then that cannot be wrong, for there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. As you resist what you are inspired to do, you do not allow for the natural unfolding of you life.

If things seem to line up perfectly and easily, then this is the universe bringing you what you have asked for. If you are able to recognize that it is a good thing, that this is the path to what is wanted, then the decision is easy. If you are still hesitant, if there is some fear and doubt, then maybe you are not quite ready and you have a little work to do.

If you are vibrationally ready for the next step to the manifestation of your desire, it will seem like just that, the next logical step. If you are in the vibrational vicinity, you might feel a little apprehension, but you are very close and you might decide to take the leap. The main thing for you to understand is that you have nothing to fear. If it seems like fun, then it will be fun. If it seems exciting, then it will be exciting. The only thing that you must do is realize that once you’ve made the choice, you must embrace that decision and never look back. You must commit yourself fully to the choice you’ve made and go into it with eager anticipation.

There are no wrong choices unless you regret the alternative choice not made. There is no wrong path unless you imagine that path not taken would have been better. Once you’ve made your choice, eliminate the other from your mind. Imagine that the path not taken led to a dead end and the path you chose was the best one for you.

Your life is unfolding perfectly and you can be comfortable that your inspiration and intuition is right. You have come here to explore, so go explore. Have fun and when it’s no longer fun, seek new experiences. You can’t get it wrong and the journey is never-ending. You were meant to break free of your comfort zone. Overcoming fear is exhilarating.

You are loved more than you can imagine.