Dear Joshua,

My daughter is in Ohio this week for six days at a guard competition where they are ranked 13th in the nation in their class. I’m not there witnessing this event because financially I can’t afford it. Flight, hotel, tickets, food, etc.

I understand the idea of being positive and having good things come your way. Of changing your thought patterns to change the outcome. Yet I was really uncomfortable as a single parent putting $2,000 on my credit card, thinking positively that the money to pay it off will come to me. Because if it didn’t I’m in a pickle. I realize that thought alone will be problematic. I’m so sad that I’m not there with her and I wish I could have manifested my way to make this happen. It’s her last performance ever as she is graduating and won’t be doing guard any longer.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Kathy,

You exist in a loving and supportive universe that is designed to bring you everything you need in your exploration of who you are. Who you truly are is a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. In being who you truly are, you experience true freedom and abundance, you express your love (the acceptance of yourself, those in your life, and the conditions as they exist at any moment in time), and you expand through experience in joy. Who you are being at any point in time is a limited version of this. Your limitations are all self-imposed, although they might appear as if your conditions impose the limitations on you.

You create your own reality through the vibration you are emitting. That vibration is formed by your beliefs and influenced by your choices, decisions and behavior. You have beliefs, some of which you have adopted from others and some that have come through direct personal experience. You believe that some things are true and others are not true. Since your beliefs help to create your vibration and influence the life you live, why not rethink your beliefs?

Beliefs are neither true nor false. They are either limiting or empowering. Do not simply assume that some things are true, consider whether the belief about the subject is empowering or limiting. If you can alter your beliefs, you will alter your reality. If you can change your perspective, you will change how you view the world and most importantly, how you view yourself.

You are currently exploring your limitations, which are all self-imposed and are not real or true. You perceive that you could not afford to go on the trip to watch your daughter and so you did not go. There is nothing wrong with this. The exploration of limitation is just as valid as the exploration of abundance or freedom. Now that you have explored this subject of limitation and lack long enough, wouldn’t it be nice to explore the opposite end of that subject? In doing so, you will face fear. You will either succumb to the fear and explore more limitation, or you will begin to push past these fears and explore limitlessness. The choice is yours.

It seems safer to explore limitation. It seems easier to live a smaller life. All you are doing by living a small life is trying to avoid fear. When you realize that there is nothing to fear, you can begin to overcome these fears. When you behave differently, your reality changes to reflect what you now believe. When you face fear and push past those fears to do what you’re inspired to do, you develop courage and confidence and you expand to a new vibrational version of yourself. This is an attractive reality and you attract based on the vibration you are emitting. If you emit the vibration of fear, you attract feelings associated with limitation. If you vibrate the feeling of confidence and push past fear courageously, what you receive from the universe is aligned with who you are now being.

You are solely responsible for the life you are living. This experience of life is for your benefit. No one else on earth matters. This is your journey of self-discovery. You are either discovering who you truly are through pushing past your limitations and fears or you are exploring who you are not by succumbing to fear and believing in your own limitations.

You have come to this point due to the frustration of not living the life you were meant to live. That old life is based in fear. There is great momentum in your approach to life. Your fears will become more intense as you move forward in your current approach. Unless you adopt a radically new approach to life, you will become even more fearful in the future. Your life will get even smaller. You will be in fear of more subjects. The time is right for you to radically change your entire approach to life. If you would like to explore your life in a new way, you will have to learn to focus your mind. You will have to adopt a new approach. You will have to raise your perspective. You will have to turn your cheek and start looking at who you truly are. You are truly a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You simply can’t see it the way we can. If you could, you would not stand for the life you have created based in fear and limitation.

With our love,
We are Joshua