Dear Joshua,

I took a leap of faith this year and quit my job hoping 2017 would be a fantastic year for financial growth for me. As an author of a five book series, who finished the final book in November 2016, I felt ready to strike out on my own. I knew selling books would be easy for me since I spent over twenty years as an outside sales rep.

Then I fell flat on my face. All my experience as an outside sale rep didn’t prepare me for the feedback I was getting from would-be customers. I met a lot of very nice people with good intentions, most wanting to read before buying. As a sales professional that meant slowing down the sales process to a snail’s pace which is unheard of. Most buyers felt, since I was the author, of course I was going to say my books were a good read my opinion was somehow skewed.

While searching for alternative sales methods I stumbled across “The Secret” and the law of attraction. I started following the teaching of Abraham-Hicks and realized I have been an action oriented person, trying to make it happen, trying too hard to be a successful author.

I’ve dreamed about my books becoming movies and I’ve dreamed about being on the movie set during filming. I’ve been told my books are going to be a huge success by people who have read them. I feel they are going to be a huge success. I know I will be a successful author I can feel it. I know my books were inspired by non-physical working through me. I’d like to feel more inspired thoughts to help me along my journey of manifesting my dreams.

Today I stumbled across your teachings. I didn’t think I had limiting beliefs about my sales ability or my book series, but after reading other posts on your site and listening to a few podcasts, I feel there is something holding me back from my dreams. I was wondering if you have any advice to help me figure out what my limiting beliefs could be?


Dear Kathy,

All books are channeled. All creations are brought forth from the nonphysical to the physical realm. This happens when you are in alignment and you are able to naturally flow forth the nonphysical ideas, energies and thoughts into the physical realm. All inventions were once only just nonphysical ideas until someone reached a vibrational resonance with that idea and then it was unlocked and brought forth into physical reality. The same is true with every work of art, every story, every song, and everything thing else. It all exists in a nonphysical form and then is released when someone rises to the vibration of the idea and allows it to flow forth into the physical dimension.

The flow state is a state of bliss. When you are involved in your passion, say writing, you exist in the flow state and this feels very good. The goal of the flow state is the feeling of bliss and nothing more. When you are writing, you exist in the flow state. When you are selling your books, you do not exist in that natural state of allowing, you exist in a state of doing.

Imagine that the act of writing your books was the reward and that was good enough for you. The simple act of sitting down, bringing forth ideas and putting them on paper while existing in a state of bliss was the only outcome. What in the world would be bad about that? Nothing. It would be a magical way to experience life. However, when you want to use your creation to prove something about yourself that you do not already feel, well, it can’t happen. It won’t make your worthy to be a famous and wealthy author. It won’t make you good to be a successful writer. You are already good and worthy and your books will never define you. You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. That is the authentic version of you. The version you are being now is one who seeks to be defined by your books. That is a highly limiting prospect.

In a natural world free from the influences and distractions of your modern, fearful society, you would exist in a state of bliss. You would do only that which brought you joy. You would be a creator, much like you are now. Except that you would not care if your creations were appreciated by anyone else. You would create for the joy found in the creation process, and not for the outcomes or meaning that might be attached to the value of the creations. None of that would matter to you. The only thing you would care about was being in the flow state of bliss as much of the time as possible.

When you attach anything to the outcome of what you are doing, you limit what it can be because you place limitations on who you are. This is an attractive reality. You create your reality by allowing yourself to flow forth the energies of the universe through you. In alignment, you feel good. When you attach your value as a human to your work, you cannot maintain your alignment for very long. In this reality, you can create whatever you want. You can make it happen. But because you are working in opposition to the laws of the universe (because you are working to make things happen rather than allowing them to happen) you encounter frustration. Each time something happens that you think is wrong, you have entered a manifestation event. Those frustrating and painful moments are designed for you to realize that you have a limiting belief about yourself and the world and this belief is preventing you from becoming a match to what you want. That is okay, because with contrast you birth desires and those desires just happen to lead you to The Secret, To Abraham, and now to us. This points out the fact that you have elevated your vibration high enough to find a philosophy that is radically different than how you have been operating up to now.

You did not come here to be a successful writer. You did not come here to be anyone important. No one did. You came here to live in joy and bliss, to experience love, freedom and abundance, and to explore something a bit more specific about physical reality. You knew going in that you were a worthy and limitless being, but you also knew that you would be saddled with limiting beliefs that would obscure your perception of yourself. This life is a journey of self-discovery. By not pushing to make things happen and instead focusing on the feeling of bliss, you allow things to happen. They may not happen in the way you want, but since they will be fully aligned with who you are, whatever is created from a state of allowing will feel very good to you.

If you were to become a success right now, with your vibration in this place, you would not enjoy it one bit. You are simply not ready for what it is you think you want. We suggest that you only do that which brings you joy. You only do those activities that are fun, interesting and exciting. You do whatever you can to exist in a state of alignment. When you feel negative emotion, look at the fear. Is it rational? What are you fearing? What do you think it means about you? Is it true? What is the limiting belief? Is that true? No it isn’t. Prove it’s not true. Return to your alignment. Do what feels good. In a state of bliss, ideas will come to you. They might not be associated with being a success in the way you think now, but they will lead to more bliss and that’s what you really, truly want in this lifetime. All the rest is just stuff you think will make you feel whole and it never will.

Relax and allow all the wonderful things you truly want to unfold into your bliss-based experience of life and you will be happier, more abundant, and more engaged than you could have ever imagined. When you release your attachment to this idea of being successful, you will become more successful in ways you could never have imagined. You are so close. Just remember to only ever do those activities that are fun, that are interesting, and that are exciting. Do not do anything unless it meets that standard.

With our love,
We are Joshua