Dear Joshua,

I am in the process of transitioning from my one business I setup with a partner 10 years ago to a new one I began visioning at the beginning of the year. Having created a small business from scratch 10 years ago and going through all the processes and heartache of business partner relationships. I realized that it had moulded me and that I would like to create a platform to help mentor other small businesses. Im want to help create relationships with corporate business and facilitate growth in the small business arena which is much needed in our country.

It’s so funny as I write to you it’s like I have another parallel conversation going on in my head. Creating this business is mostly about nurturing self belief and worthiness and a belief that co existing and integrating grows a healthy, happy life of exploration for the individuals involved.

Along the way there have been a few dramas. I am having to leave my existing business that I have nurtured for 10 years just when its about to really take off. I have decided to put myself fist and follow my inner guidance instead of feeling like I need to react to what is going on around me. I am becoming clearer with this one day at a time.

I have stumbled and fallen, even in the new business. I have not been clear about positions in the business at the outset and there has been drama. There have been public displays (social media) of a point of view which is essentially for me is a defamation of character. I Know that this is essentially someone else’s drama but still really feeling the pain of it because it is aimed at me.

As I write I keep stopping. I get a bit more clarity. As the drama unfolds I can see where I was lacking in my self-worth and self-belief. I tried not to shut down my love for the people involved but there is a self preservation aspect.

I am still working with the flow of money as one of my biggest challenges and I am getting better at trusting that it will come as it is required. I do battle with it as I sometimes panic with the how of it. No matter how you plan, it doesn’t necessarily work out that way.

My questions are around dissipating the drama, flow of money and transitioning from one business to the other.

I welcome your guidance whole heartedly and am so grateful that you are here on the planet during these times.

In gratitude and appreciation,

Dear Julie,

First we will talk about you and your set of beliefs and then we will talk about your new business venture. From where you stand right now, you have a set of beliefs; some of which are limiting and some are highly beneficial. Your reality is created through your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Beliefs are strong, recurring thought forms and therefore they influence your vibration quite strongly. In order to alter your perception of your own reality, in order to change your life, you must alter your beliefs, especially around your own worthiness and your expectations.

You create your reality. That’s it. This is your universe and you are at the center of it. That’s just how reality works. Everyone in your life has been attracted to you by your vibration. How they respond to you is dictated by your vibration. How you perceive them is specific to you based on your overall set of beliefs, prejudices, fears, expectations, etc. This is why some people love the people you hate and some people hate the people you love. They are different people depending on the perception of the one doing the perceiving.

How you perceive anyone is unique to you. How they behave around you is unique to you. Therefore, you are in complete control over your response to the behavior of everyone else. It is your responsibility to control your perception of their actions. If you judge them as wrong, you are placing blame on them without taking responsibility for your own perception.

You have strong beliefs about how others should behave. You judge their behavior as very good or very bad. However, when you judge, you make them right or wrong. Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, what you are doing is casting blame on them for your own bad-feeling reaction to their actions. Do you see how this all works? You are assuming that they have the ability to create in your reality. You are blaming them for influencing your reality. However, that is out of their control. In order for them to influence you, you must allow that influence to occur. You are looking at them, judging them as wrong, perceiving them as wrong, not accepting that their actions are only ever here to serve you, not understanding that they are a gift to you, not realizing that their actions alert you to your own limiting beliefs, and not accepting responsibility for your own ability to control your perception.

If someone walks up to you and slaps you in the face, do you call them wrong or do you stop and acknowledge that the slap was a indication that you are out of alignment with who you really are? If you were being who you really are, which is a being of acceptance and love, others could not slap you, call you names or harm you in any way. This would defy the laws of the universe. Therefore, if drama ensues, it is an indication that you are not quite living up to the highest version of you. You do not blame others for this. You do not blame yourself for this. You simply take it as a reminder that you were momentarily distracted by the illusion of physical reality.

There are two limiting beliefs we would like to talk about today. One is your belief that you need to prove your worthiness to yourself and to others. This will never work. You must accept that you are worthy, as worthy as any who have ever or will ever live. You must accept that others may or may not see you as worthy because they cannot see you or themselves as worthy. It is their issue, not yours. If you keep chasing this need for validation, you will keep smashing into the same wall over and over again. The reason you want to help others with their business is because you believe they will see you as worthy. However, until you see yourself as worthy, others cannot see you as worthy and therefore they will continue reinforcing your own feelings of unworthiness.

If you are to pursue this business idea, you must first find your own feelings of worthiness. Here’s how you can tell if you have reached a stable feeling of selfworthiness; your clients will be more successful than you. If you are working with those small business owners who are struggling (because they have similar issues of unworthiness) then you know you have not validated your own level of worthiness. If you are working with clients who are extremely self-confident and successful, then you can rest assured that you have reached a similar level of self-worth.

You believe that by helping fledgling and struggling small business owners, you are doing good for the world. But there is no world. It’s an illusion. There is only you. What you are doing is trying to make yourself feel good by working with those who feel worse about themselves than you do. By contrast, you feel better. However, you have done nothing to vibrationally rise above your own limiting beliefs about self. You must reduce the intensity of these limiting beliefs by realizing that there are no levels to worthiness. All are worthy, all are unique, and comparison to others causes the feelings of unworthiness.

Money is rarely important in the moment. In the present moment you have no need for money. As you read this letter, you may or may not have money in your pocket. It is not needed in this moment. There’s nothing you can do with the money while reading our letter. Money only has value when you are imagining your future. Since you are imagining the future, you can imagine it with money rather than without money. It is your imagination. Use it to feel good and you will create a good-feeling future. Use it to worry about the future and you’ll create a bad-feeling present.

Forget about money and practice feelings of worthiness. Do what you want to do because it’s interesting, not because you hope it will make you feel more worthy or better about yourself. Until you come to terms with your own worthiness, until you realize that this is all an elaborate illusion. until you understand that you are the center of your unique universe, you cannot find the success you are looking for.

You must realize you are already successful. You believe that starting a business and getting it to the point where it makes money is success. You believe that at some point everything will level off and become easy and smooth. You are forgetting that life is a journey of expansion. It is a never-ending process of evolution. You will never get to the place where everything is easy because when you do, you’ll get bored and thirst for more expansion. So just realize one thing above all. You are already successful. Are you different now than you were 20 years ago, 10 years ago, one year ago? If the answer is yes, if you feel that you have grown and evolved, then this is proof of the only success that will ever matter. You are successful and you are worthy and you can have everything you want as soon as you realize that fact.