Dear Joshua,

I find myself poised to write my question to you on the debt I have accumulated and I feel the words "be inspired" popping into my head. I laugh. I have been reading your book "A perception of reality" while on holiday in Italy. And I had some delightful moments where in theory it went terribly wrong but because I had your teachings in my head in a matter of minutes things worked out.

We arrived at our B&B late, after train delays, door locked and our bags on the street. After having phoned the owner who seemed to have grown impatient and simply left. And now all we had was a landline contact number. Which was ringing meaninglessly behind the closed door. My husband suddenly looked at me pale faced and said "where is my rucksack" with all his travel documents and iPad etc I felt myself consciously remaining buoyant.

We managed to contact the taxi cab driver through a contact number on the receipt and he kindly brought the bag back to us and a family staying in the B&B opened the door and we chatted while the husband contacted the owner who came to open up for us. This holiday has been wonderful like this and I know it’s because of reading your book and changing my perception on events.

I am now home and feel the pressure of "making ends meet." Again as I write this I can hear the voice inside me saying "be inspired." My question is what is your view on debt? Again I hear answers like: a practice of morning meditation to set the vibrational tone for the day. I am inspired by life but feel like I have compartmentalized work as a place where I don’t get to have fun and enjoy it. How do I set out to change this? Through thinking about it positively, meditating on it every morning (which I don’t do yet) and not feeling like change is hard work and takes too long. I want a healthy flow of money in my life and not to feel like I have to work hard for it. I want to enjoy my work, become debt free and thereby not make my decisions around monthly installments of repayment but to have the abundance in the moment to do the things I want to do. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration and clarity. Your writings are so clear and simply make sense as to why we are here to live our lives.

Thanks and Regards
Julie Gardine

Dear Julie,

We are so glad you had a wonderful time on your trip. When things got a little bumpy, you searched for a higher perspective and you placed your own vibration in a state that allowed things to work out easily and effortlessly. It helped to have our words fresh in your mind, but more than that, your whole attitude was elevated because you were on vacation and you were having an adventure. This is the attitude we want you to continue to have now that you’re back home.

You see it’s your attitude, or your approach to life, that creates the environment that allows what you want to flow into your life or to restrict that natural and easy flow. The attitude of fun and adventure you had on vacation was one of ease and excitement. The attitude you take with you to work is one of drudgery and apathy. The first is receptive and open, the second is resistant.

So then, how do you change your approach to life? What can you do to improve your attitude now that you are home? You can look at your life with fun and excitement and remember that you’re still on a great and wonderful adventure.

Before you were born you intended to explore certain aspects of physical reality. These are the things you are naturally interested in. These are the things that you wonder about. These are the things that can become your passions in life. Have you found these things yet? Have you found them and forgotten them? Have others told you that the things that are of interest to you are not proper or right for you? Well we suggest you seek the things that interest you and from this stance of interest and curiosity, you will be able to shift your attitude up the vibrational scale and this will allow what you want to flow to you.

You look at your debt and you think how easy everything would be if the debt was gone. But the debt has nothing to do with anything. You don’t need the freedom from debt to make you feel good. You need to feel good regardless of the debt. Right now you are using the debt to cause you to feel bad. But if the debt was not there, you would find something else to make you feel bad. You see you feel bad now and the debt is simply the thing you use as your reason or rationale to feel bad. You must start to insist on feeling good regardless of the conditions and then your reality will slowly begin to change.

You have not been taught to feel good. You have not understood why it is important to feel good. When you feel good, you are in the state of allowing and this creates and environment where everything you want will flow effortlessly to you. But you think that it’s okay to feel bad sometimes and we say it is not. It is not acceptable to allow yourself to slip into this negative emotional state of being because this creates an environment that simply perpetuates more bad feelings.

This is a feeling reality and all that ever matters is how you feel. When you were on vacation, you were feeling good most of the time and your world was so much brighter. This is how your whole life should be. Don’t look for reasons to feel bad, look for reasons to feel good. Don’t think thoughts that cause you to feel bad, think thoughts that feel good.

Meditation will help this but it’s a practice and it takes time. There is a wealth of support within and you can gain access to that support by learning to slow your thoughts. The words “be inspired” were messages from your inner self. There are more messages to follow, but you have to tune yourself to the higher vibration to hear them. Once you do, you’ll start to feel more and more inspiration to act upon your curiosities. This will lead you to your interests and your passions.

For now, treat your life as an adventure. Look for signs of inspiration. Raise your vibration by improving your mood. Create your own fun and people will join you. Appreciate everything in your life and focus on the things you love.

You are doing very well and you are loved an supported by countless unseen entities.