I have read many books and attended many seminars on the Laws of Attraction, and finally reading this book it all became so clear to me, Thank You! My question is: I am a partner with two others, one is my Son, in the development of a social media app. We have had many setbacks with choosing the wrong developers and financially getting strapped, although we are now going forward with a new developer and trying to come up with the money to finish. My question is, when there are more than one in an intention of success, how does that work? Can my intention be enough to create the manifestation of this app, when there are two others? We have been working on this for three years, and still all excited, but there must be a blockage somewhere. If its not mine, how can I know where the blockage is?

Thank You!!

Dear Judy,

If something has not manifested in your reality, there is only one reason; you are not yet a vibrational match to your desire. But there is a trick to this. It does not matter what anyone else is vibrating. They cannot create in your reality. They really have nothing to do with it. However, what you want from this business is completely different than what they want. You can get what you want and they can also get what they want. However, you have no idea what you want and neither do they.

What do you think you want as a result of this business? What do you think they want? You really could not identify it and even if you could, it would not likely be a true desire. Let’s say you wanted it to be a success and to be bought out by a larger company. Why would you want that? Is it the proof that you are a successful person. Is it proof you are worthy? Are you proving others wrong when they doubted you? Is the money a form of security? Are you doing something you think will help others? These are all fine desires, but are they really going to come true if the app is a success? This you cannot know.

You see, your perspective is limited and so is the perspective of your partners and your team. The perspective of your developer is limited also. There is only one who has the proper perspective and that is your inner self. Your inner self knows what you truly want and does not care much about what you think you want. You can bypass your emotional guidance system and see things as setbacks, as going wrong, or as making the wrong decision, but your inner self will never agree with you. Your inner self sees that everything that has happened so far has actually been right. It’s all unfolded perfectly. If you see it as wrong, you are simply resisting the outcome that you truly want.

Let’s imagine that you want the app to be a success. However, in being a success, you must either leave the app and receive nothing so that your son can make it happen, or you must force your son out. In order for the app to be a success, you must end your relationship with your son and one or both of you will harbor resentment. Now, the success of the app is what you think you want, but a strong and enduring relationship with your son is what you truly want. Which would you prefer?

The universe is always bringing you what you truly want and sometimes you think you want something other than that. So you go out and make it happen and when it isn’t happening you call it wrong. However, it was right all along.

Here’s how we would look at it. Joy would be our primary purpose and main focus. Forget about anything else. If you are not in a state of joy, then leave it to them. You must maintain a positive emotional state. The next time you perceive a setback to have occurred, realize that you are choosing a perspective that is not in alignment with your inner self. If you perceive it as a setback, then you are looking at it from a limited perspective. It could not happen unless you personally are a vibrational match to the setback. The setback is for your growth and benefit every single time. It cannot possibly be a setback. If that is how you perceive it, then you are looking at it from an angle that is false. Look at it again. What is it telling you? What do you need to change? Why do you think it isn’t working out?

If you can maintain a state of joy, you will be inspired to take action. The action might seem risky, scary, or even inappropriate. It might be the inspiration to do something else altogether. You will have fear around it, but as long as the idea is inspired, you can push through the fear and take the action. It will always lead to your highest good. Maybe not to the manifestation of the desire you think you want, but to the manifestation of the desire you truly want.

The key is to maintain a high emotional state of being and act when inspired to act when in that state. If you are in a low emotional state believing something is wrong, the urges will come to try to fix the conditions. The conditions that exist in your outside world do not need to be fixed. You must always move to where you prefer to be, not try to fix what seems like a problem. Problems do not exist or have any meaning. You call it a problem and then it becomes one. Ignore the problems and focus on what you prefer from a place of feeling good. As long as you can feel good, you will be guided to the manifestation of your true desires. When these desires manifest, you will fully understand that this is what you wanted all along and thank God you did not receive what you thought you wanted.

You cannot know what is best. You cannot know how everything will work out. You can only see the road ahead from a limited perspective. Success might be good and what you perceive as failure might be even better. You have no idea. You are expanding through this endeavor and so is your son and that is a good thing. You came for the expansion caused by experience and you are expanding. If it is exciting, then that is all that matters. Once the excitement is gone, it will be time for something else. So simply go with the flow of life resisting the urge to make things happen and simply allow them to unfold as they will. The universe is doing the work, not you. You engage universal forces by feeling good and allowing things to unfold while maintaing faith that everything is happening for you and nothing can ever happen to you as long as you remain in a state of nonresistance.

With our love,
We are Joshua