Dear Joshua,

I understand that I need to be more disciplined in meditating, in order to establish a higher vibrational “set point”. Being a mother of two small children with a very demanding professional career, my current challenge is finding a way to get ahead and pre-pave. Can you offer any suggestions to how I can elegantly create more time to be able to meditate, and allow more ease and peace into my routine – without losing sleep, (which I already feel deprived of)? In other words, setting the alarm earlier to get up and meditate is the only solution I’ve come up with, and I’ve already failed with that plan because I am exhausted most of the time, and simply cannot get out of bed earlier than I have to. I need to find a way to get out and ahead of my routine in order to create a better routine. (Does that make sense, Gary?) I do find pockets of time during my day when I’m at work, and it quietly outside many days, but that is the only time in my current routine that I find.


Dear Jennifer,

You have previously stated that “time is an illusion” yet you live in a physical space-time environment where time is obviously a major component. When we say that time is an illusion we are referring to the various degrees to which time is experienced by different people. To you there may appear to be a lack of time yet to others, even within your own household, there seems to be an abundance of time. What is the difference? It is simply a difference in perspective.

Time is a subject of interest to many, many people. You have filled your day with so many activities and you feel the lack of time. As your feeling persists, your lack manifests into even more lack and your experience of physical reality seems to have expressed itself in even more lack of time. Now, you are wanting more time.

Remember a period in your life when you had an abundance of time. Maybe it was a time in your life when you did not have children or maybe you did not have a job. You had all the time in the world but you were unfulfilled. You desired a career and you desired children and a family. Now that your desires have manifested you miss the time you once had. As you focus on wanting more time, the Law of Attraction will bring it to you. But this may not be what you really want. You want to be busy with your children and you want to be busy with your work. You are just in need of a little ease and a feeling of relief. This is not a difficult thing to manifest.

First of all understand that you place a great deal of pressure on yourself to perform. You have greater expectations of your own performance than either your family or your employer. You determine that you need to work this way and be with your family in this manner. No one but you is expecting you to act in accordance with any predetermined set of requirements. The sole responsibility for your life is yours. You are simply forgetting that you are the creator of your life.

Meditating will not solve your problems. It is just a tool that you believe will allow your problems to magically disappear. It is a change in perspective that will allow you to alter your own beliefs in such a way that your life will improve in these areas. Once you change your perspective, you will alter your beliefs. Start seeing your life from the broader perspective that we see it.

Second, you must allow time to grow more by focusing not on the lack of time you are currently experiencing but on the abundance of time you now have. You must realize how much time you really have and all the wonderful things you are doing with your time. You must appreciate that you have interests in your life and you are never bored. You must be thankful that time seems limited because it is far worse to have an overabundance of time. This would mean you have no passion, no interest, and nothing by which to consume your time. As you appreciate what you have, whatever that is, you will begin to attract more of it into your life. As you appreciate the fact that there are a lot of very good things taking up your time, you’ll come into alignment with who you really are and time will no longer be an issue.

Time is not really an issue for you it is simply that you are currently experiencing the feeling of overwhelmment. You share this feeling with many women who have the responsibilities of raising children and exploring the world through their career. If you can see that this is a good thing, you will find relief. If you can see that you have freedoms and opportunities now that most women have never experienced in history, you can see that overwhelmment is but a small price to pay for this freedom.

So start reveling in the lack of time. Start enjoying your hectic work life. Take comfort in your advanced state of exploration. Seek relief when you can. Escape when possible. But do not forget that this hectic life is what you always wanted and revel in the fact that you made it happen. You are now living the dream you intended years ago.