Hi Joshua,

I am going through the process of buying an accommodation business and it’s getting to the crucial part that the Due Diligence date is looming. A lot of fears are coming up about is this right for me, is the business doing ok, are they hiding something. I don’t want to loose money, so it’s mostly about money and fear. Can you help me with this? I am loving listening to Gary and the group on the One on Ones and I am finding it a lot of help and enjoyment.

Thank you,

Dear Janine,

What is it about this business that you like. Is it exciting? Is it interesting? Do you think it will be fun? Or are you wanting this business to get you out of some condition you do not like? In other words, are you moving toward what is wanted and this business is the next logical step, or are you running away from conditions that you do not like so this business is an escape? This is all you have to ask yourself in times of making a decision such as this one.

When you are moving toward what is wanted, you are in a positive emotional state of being and you receive inspiration. The inspiration might have been to read an article about this type of business. It might have been to notice a “for sale” sign, or somehow you might have bumped into the seller, or maybe you noticed the building and made inquiries. The thought of operating the business appeals to you and you think it will be challenging, exciting, fun and profitable. If this is the case, then you are moving in the right direction. However, that does not mean the business will be a success. So wait for the caveat we are about to reveal.

If you are trying to escape a situation you do not like and the idea of buying an existing business comes to you, it does so from a lower-emotional state of being. That means that the idea is likely resonating with a lower vibration and this will not move you closer to what is wanted. It will take you away from what you do not want, but since you have not addressed your issues with past conditions, the business will simply become more of the same sort of thing you do not want. The idea of the business is simply an urge to make a change in the hopes you will feel better, but it won’t work until you’ve dealt with your prior issues.

Either way, the decision will be right. It will cause expansion and move you further along your path. If you make the decision from a good-feeling place, you can push past your fears and take the action you are inspired to take knowing that it is for your benefit and highest good. If the business succeeds, that is good. If the business fails, that is good too because it was a step that was necessary in your evolution so that you can manifest that which you want.

If you purchase the business as a means to escape some condition, the business might succeed despite the fact that the issue has not been dealt with. it’s just that you will not like this business any more than you liked the prior condition. It’s always an internal job. You get into alignment with the feeling you want and then along comes the perfect business at the perfect time and everything just seems to magically turn out right. Looking back, you will think it was a good decision, even if it fails because without this business, you would not have discovered something even more beneficial.

Fear and doubt will always pop up when making any decision. If you let the fear stop you, you become self-limited. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You did not come here to be limited. Simply do your due diligence, prove your fears are false, and take the next logical step in front of you. However, you must be aware of your emotional state of being and understand why the idea seems exciting.

With our love,
We are Joshua