Hi Joshua,

There was a time in my life about 6 years ago when I was consumed by my lack of income. I lived unconsciously and focussed continually on what I lacked. The business that I had started with 2 other colleagues had failed and there was a debt owing to the taxman. For years I lived in fear of bankruptcy and as a result earned next to nothing.

Since then I’ve listened carefully to your teachings on fears and focussing on lack and have made focussing on abundance my daily practice. As a result I now live with abundance (and without fear) in most (if not all) the areas of my life and I’m happier than I ever have been.

My question is how do I approach this tax issue from a conscious perspective? Whilst I earn enough to live comfortably I don’t have the funds to pay off this debt. Is it as simple as if I resolve my fear in this regard and keep focussing on abundance that it will simply not materialise again?


Dear Jacky,

You simply have a choice in all things; you can focus on fear or love. There are only these two ideas and while the tend to be on opposite sides of the same stick, you can choose which side to look at. By focusing on abundance (love) you attract more of that. When you were focused on lack (fear) you brought more of that into your life. You can see the effect of focussing on love. The results will always be pleasing. However, there are some things that are simply difficult to ignore and with these your practice becomes that of maintaining focus.

When people go through an illness or any unwanted bodily condition, their focus is naturally drawn to the fear side of their condition. They want the illness to be removed and they assume that life will be good without the illness. However, their old approach to life brought on the illness and until they change their approach, the illness cannot be entirely removed. If it were to leave, and the person had not changed their vibration in that area, then the illness would reappear.

So while you have created more abundance in your life out of sheer will power, you are still having this lingering issue. It is simply a matter of perspective. Let us explain.

You consider the failure of your business a bad thing. However, it is not bad, it was simply clarifying. You believe that had your business been a success, then that would be a good thing. However, you would not be where you are in life now, you would not be happier than you have ever been, and you would not be talking to us. So from our perspective, the failure of your business was the best thing ever. As you see that and understand that fact, you can feel better about the past. The past worked out perfectly to bring you what you really wanted which is to be happy and to understand more about reality. In these respects you are a tremendous success.

Now we will address your tax issue. You think having a tax debt is a bad thing. You think that it is something to be ashamed of and this is why you want this one conversation to be anonymous. You do not see the tremendous value in sharing your conscious perspective with others. In this regard, you are still approaching the subject of a tax debt unconsciously. You are applying your ld approach to life on this subject. From this stance, how do you think this will all work out?

You have a new, more conscious approach to life. You know more about the mechanism of physical reality than almost anyone else on this planet. You are learning that your perspective is what really matters. You are learning to manipulate your perspective on everything so that it makes you feel better about it. If something is wrong, you don’t try to fix it, you work to alter your perspective so that you no longer see it as wrong. Since there is no wrong anywhere in the universe, your tax debt cannot be wrong. Therefore it must be right.

How could your tax debt be right? Can you think of a few reasons it is right? Can you see how it has led you down a certain path. Can you see how your focus on this subject will lead you to a new level of conscious awareness? There are many right things about this debt. Seeing anything as wrong will limit your experience. It is not wrong that you have this debt. It is not wrong of you, your partners or the government. It is not a large debt. It is a tiny insignificant debt. It does not make you a bad person to have this or any debt. Your inability (as you perceive it) to pay this debt is not wrong either.

If you want to release the stranglehold of this debt, then embrace everything about it as a good thing. Let others know you have this debt and that you are not ashamed of it. You tried something they did not. You left your comfort zone while most cowered in the safety of the jobs they despised. Your perceived failure makes them feel better about living their small lives. Yet you have been enriched as a result of the experience and they cannot see that from their limited perspectives.

As soon as you start to see the benefits of everything that brought on this tax debt, the debt will begin to fade away. You might pay it off in full. You might negotiate it to a manageable amount. It might be released altogether. Many people are forgiven of their debt every day. You just do not realize this because it is not in the interests of your society to let its people know that most debt is forgiven without any penalty whatsoever. Change how you perceive anything and that thing will change. It is law and can be no other way.

You are loved and cared for more than you could imagine.