Hi Joshua ,

I’ve just read your article "The truth about Comfort" and I resonated deeply with it. Over the last 25 years my career choices have been varied but mostly driven by ego/financial gain until about 4 yrs ago when I found myself unemployed. This lasted 2 years and was by far my lowest point in life and resulted in me grabbing the first opportunity that came along.

I’m subsequently in a very "uncomfortable" comfort zone working in an environment that I don’t resonate with at all. I almost feel as if I’m wasting 8 hours a day focusing on a world that I don’t want to be in. I say this without judgement towards the people I work with, I’m simply not where I want to be. I’m studying towards a life coaching certification and I feel inspired by this. For the first time in my life I feel that I’m following my heart. I see myself running my own business on my own terms.

When I read your writings about LOA I truly believe what you say in that we can create anything we can match vibrationally and I would really LOVE to venture into my own coaching business sooner rather than later yet I know that my own thoughts and fears of not having enough cash to live on are what is stopping me from taking that step out of my comfort zone and expanding myself. Please can you shed some light on how I can work towards overcoming this??

Thanks and Regards,
Jacky Exton

Dear Jacky,

You are a vibrational match to everything you have in your life right now. If you are honest with yourself, most of it is how you want it to be. To become a match to anything different than this, you will have to become different yourself. The main change will take place in the beliefs you hold onto so tightly. Many of these beliefs are rooted in fear. That fear is such a part of your experience that you really don’t even realize it exists. But it does.

What you have lived has brought you to this moment in time and from this point you can now see clearly what you want. This is an extremely good thing for many people do not allow themselves to know what they really want. You do. Everything you have lived up to this point has worked out perfectly to bring you here. This is a new starting point and had you lived life differently, you would not be here talking to us right now. You are one of the first and one of the relatively few who have created a vibrational resonance high enough to understand our words. You are also one of the even fewer people who have spoken to us directly. How did you reach this vibration?

When you look at your past and see that some things have worked out and other things have not, you are using your judgement. When things appear to be going your way you are happy, but when they appear to be going against what it is you think you want, you feel negative emotion and you allow this to affect your mood. It is your belief that everything should always be going well that causes you to limit your experience in this world and seek comfort in living a small life. This is not what you intended prior to your birth into this environment. You intended to live a large and expansive life.

On the road to reaching vibrational alignment with us, which is a very high vibration indeed, you had what you would term some setbacks or maybe even failures. However, these setbacks were simply events that allowed your vibration to raise. Had these setbacks not occurred, your vibration actually would have been lower and you would not have found us. Can you see that it is simply your dualistic judgement of good or bad, right or wrong, that causes you to view events in a way that limits your experience? To move even further up the vibrational ladder you must now view all events as positive because they are moving you where you really want to go.

The next step for you is to change your approach to life so that you understand there is no wrong in any situation, any person, or any moment. It is always, always right. Your work is to understand this at such a deep level that you no longer perceive what you would have considered bad or unfortunate as wrong. It is all part of one’s path to where they say they want to go. In your case, like many others in the process of awakening, you are moving toward becoming who you really are. This is your intention. This is your path.

As you learn to view life in a way that allows you to become who you really are, you will be of tremendous benefit to others who are also on that path. However, you must first see that where you are now is perfect. Where you work is now a perfect match to who you are now and will lead you to becoming who you really are. You must stop judging the present condition as wrong and learn to lean into it seeing just how right it is for you now. Until you can see the tremendous value in the present situation, you have not changed. Until you begin to change, you will not be able to move to where you want to go.

You can become a wonderful and successful life coach or anything else you desire. You have gravitated to becoming a life coach because has brought you into an environment where others are also seeking more answers. You are awakening and there are many among you who are also on this path. You are a teacher and you want to uplift others as well. Begin to realize that your expansion lies in the condition you struggle with. Until you learn to love this specific situation and turn it around so that you see the unique and specific benefit for you, you will not have changed. Unless you change, you cannot resonate with anything other than what is present in your life right now.

You are being led by your inner self to where you want to go. It is a gradual, step by step process. By arguing against what is, you resist the guidance from within. By fully accepting and loving your present conditions, you allow the change to occur in you which then changes your experience of reality in a way that will continue your evolution and expansion. So we ask you to use your present workplace as an experiment as you continue your progress to your certification. See your co-workers as your life coaching clients. Teach not with your words, but as a shining example of your alignment with what is wanted. Remove yourself from their complaints, but rather look to find that which is positive within whatever you would have previously considered negative. Approach this job in a new way knowing that somehow it will lead you right where you really want to go.

Everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Your opinion that something is wrong is simply a product of your limited perspective. You can only perceive what is happening right now. You cannot see where the path leads or how it will all unfold. Trust that your inner self knows the path and how to get you to the place you want to be. Stop resisting the journey and just ease into with love and faith that it is all an integral part of the process of your personal evolution.?

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could count.