I am self employed and I love my job. Just this year, I started making good money for the first time in my life and I am 44. I have used determination and also some law of attraction work to manifest a great income this year. I worry that because I started late in life, I don’t have enough time to acquire great wealth to secure my future. My goal is to acquire real estate investments, so that I can have a steady stream of income through rents in my later years. Am I on the right track? I believe if I set it up right, I can be wealthy with out having to work long hours each day, which is my goal, so I can pursue hobbies & service work.

Thanks and Regards,

Dear Heidi,

It is very good that you have allowed the natural abundance to come to you in the form of money. You feel confident and proud of your achievements and this is a very good thing. We would say that the most important aspect of your newfound abundance is that you enjoy the work you are doing. However, your belief that your income is derived from the efforts of your labor is misleading and limiting. You are allowing what is yours to naturally flow to you. For the first time in 44 years, you are firmly positioned in the state of allowing.

You have modified your vibration through the alteration of your beliefs and as a result abundance is flowing. It may seem as if you worked to earn the money. You may still believe that money flows as a result of work or ownership of property, but this is just one small manner in which you receive what is wanted. You simply have a set of beliefs that control the flow of money. We want you to expand your beliefs and allow even more money to flow. We want you to understand that you are supported by the universe and there is nothing you have to do now to secure your future. All you have to do is get good at allowing abundance to flow.

The first thing to recognize is that compared to other jobs or work you may have done in the past, the work you are doing now seems less like work and more like fun. You have more freedom, you’re receiving more satisfaction, and you feel a greater sense of control. You believe the economy is doing better and you have more confidence. It is these feelings that create prosperity. The universe is simply responding to these good feelings.

In the mix that is your vibration remains some feelings of doubt and worry. There is also a little fear mixed in. You might fear the future. You may have some doubt that you can keep this going. You worry about your future. These are limiting beliefs and they hold you back from even greater abundance. There is nothing to fear, you need not doubt your abilities, and there’s nothing to worry about. You will always be taken care of.

What we ask you to do now is focus on the aspects of your present work environment that you love. Do what is most pleasing to you and find others who like to do the work you do not enjoy. Leverage the powers of the universe by adding ease and even more joy to all that you do. Do not worry or even think too far in the future. Get up each day with the feeling of excitement and anticipation. Keep focused on the core of what you do. Do not pay much attention to problems, do not try to fix anything, simply focus on the ideal of what you want to accomplish.

You are not doing this work for money, you are doing it for the sake of creation, exploration and expansion. Money is flowing as a side effect of your feelings of bliss. Think only of the good you are doing. Think of how you are improving things around you. This is the real service work you are doing. This is the work that has the most benefit in it. There is nothing you need to give back, this work is the giving back.

Focus on your hobbies which we will call your interests and your passions whenever you are led in that direction. Your hobbies (i.e. interests and passions) will lead you to even greater levels of abundance if you believe they will. Your interests will unlock further levels of expansion. They will open up new and exciting worlds of opportunity. Don’t put off your interests and other passions simply because you don’t think they will provide income. They will lead to further and deeper levels of abundance.

Involve yourself only with those things you are interested in and passionate about. If you love real estate, if you love making repairs to properties, if you love managing tenants, if you don’t mind your properties being vacant, then maybe a real estate investment is right for you. But, if you want to buy real estate just because you think it will keep you secure, it will not. Everything you think you do not like about owning real estate will present itself to you in your personal experience. When you approach any investment from the stance of lack and fear, that investment cannot succeed.

The only way to secure the future you desire is by modifying your beliefs now so that you can realize that things just work out for you and there’s nothing you need to do but allow the natural abundance that is available to you to come to you when and as you need it. You must learn to manage your point of focus. You must practice controlling your vibration by focusing on what is wanted rather than worrying about some possible negative future reality that may never manifest itself. By paying attention to what you enjoy, while avoiding thoughts of fear, doubt, and worry, you allow abundance to flow. Your future is already secure. You can allow it to unfold abundantly by aligning confidently with the powers of the universe or you can resist it by believing you need to take uninspired action to secure your future by yourself. Either way, it is always your choice.

You are loved and cared for more than you could ever imagine,