Dear Gary and Joshua,

Thanks again for your past answers. They have been really useful. I have another question, if I may? I realise that I am a vibrational being and that I create my own reality. Does this mean that I create my life like a Director of a film and that I can change all the people in the cast and the situations in the story by changing my thoughts/vibrations? I have noticed that when I follow my interests and passions, things just flow and happen naturally. Is it really THAT simple? It almost seems too easy. Does this mean that the same goes for everyone else?

Many thanks in advance for your help with this.

Dear Fabienne,

That’s exactly right. You’ve hit the nail on the head. The analogy of the director of a film is spot on. You direct the quality of your life just as a director creates a film. However, unlike the director, you do not yell, “Action!” with your mouth, you use your thoughts. By focusing on what you truly want, you create your reality. By focusing on what you dislike, despise, think is wrong, unjust, unfair, annoying, etc. you also create your reality. The power of your focus and perspective creates your world and all the people and things in it.

By following your interests and passions, you move into the emotional state of bliss, which is the state of allowing. By focusing on what you love, without trying to fix anything that seems wrong, you allow all that you want to come to you. It’s that simple. When you’re into something good, you can’t be focused on something you might consider bad or wrong. This state of focus keeps you open to progress, a raising of vibration, and allows what you truly want to come into your life.

This state of bliss works for all people every time. It works for the animals and for the humans. Animals are mostly content with life and do not see their conditions as being wrong or bad. Humans are primarily concerned with fixing things they don’t like. This approach does not leverage the powerful forces of the universe. That’s why taking action to fix what you see as a problem is most often ineffective.

The creation process is a simple one, yet it is not easy. It takes practice and consciousness. One must learn to think in a way that allows him or her to see the positive aspects in all things. It is a new approach to life. When you can alter your perspective to frame a condition as good and right rather than wrong or bad, you choose an approach to life that leverages the powers of the universe. You align yourself with what is wanted rather than what’s lacking or wrong.

In the present moment, nothing can be changed. When you see the present moment as wrong or bad and you wish it was different than it is, you are asking for more of what you perceive as wrong. It is the Law of Attraction at work. When you create a desire for something more, and you decide to see the present moment as a launching point for a new idea, then you are using a perspective that aligns with the powers of the universe. You are framing the present moment or the current condition as good and you are not fighting against what is. This is the state of allowing and when you can maintain this state of being, all things wanted will flow to you with ease. It is law and cannot be any other way.

When you birth a desire, the universe receives the feeling of what you want and instantly creates it. It is there waiting for you. All you have to do is come into vibrational alignment with it. When you think of the feeling of what you want rather than a tangible thing, you allow much more opportunities for the universe to bring you more than you could imagine. Your ability to imagine your desire is limited by your vibration. When you create a desire, you are not within vibrational range of what you want. That’s why it does not exist in your life. By understanding this key component of the creation process, you can release your attachment to the physical image of your desire. You can accept that you cannot see what will come or how it will unfold. All you can be sure of is that it will exceed your expectations.

As you get into vibrational range of your desire, you will receive new thoughts and ideas. When you are ready, your desire will manifest in a very elegant way. You will stop and think, “Why didn’t I see all this before?” It’s because you were just not within the vibrational vicinity of your desire.