Dear Joshua,

I was just listening to “Expansion is the Purpose” podcast. I have a question about a manifestation event that may relate to it and I want to see if I understand correctly. I recently had my sprinklers checked by my lawn company (it was offered free so I took advantage of that). The guy found some small things and checked my control panel and “reset” it. Since he was here, the sprinklers have not ran correctly on their assigned days and the control panel seems to be the issue. I called and he has to come out and look at it.

So this is the manifestation. My first initial feeling was frustration. The belief is that I am being taken advantage of and also “here goes more money, they always want money”. But then I thought “all things happen for my benefit, how is this a benefit for me”? Now, I figured my limiting belief about money and being taken advantage of. I did call a neighbor to see if they had the manual for the controller and she said she did have to replace it a couple of years ago. So, now should I just allow whatever comes of this guy who will come out and check the system and tell me a need a new one and just go with theirs?

My thought process was to see if I could find a cheaper one on Amazon and replace it myself but is that me controlling the issue? If I were limitless and abundant I would just let him do it, but then I think I could probably look around and get an inexpensive version and do it myself. Both options feel the same. It would be nice to just get it taken care of and allow the universe to do everything, but then my limiting belief on that option is that I have to take care of everything to be done right, which feels like control.

But if I do allow him to do it, I may feel after the fact that I could have done it myself, probably”. I think in this podcast, Joshua said to just allow it to flow, but why do I think that is the wrong way. Probably because in the past it was perceived and pointed out by my family that when I did this in the past, this is why my life is the way it is:(

Wow, I think just by typing this email, I have had a powerful manifestation… Lol


Dear Erin,

Your reality is created by the vibration you are offering in the moment. Your vibration is built upon your belief system. If you want to manifest the life you truly desire, you must become a vibrational match to that life. Since the life you truly desire has to do with the absolute acceptance of what is, you must come to that vibration. If you feel resistance (all due to the wobble caused by fear and limiting beliefs), then you are not yet a match to your dream life. Therefore, the key to raising your vibration is to resist less.

The sprinkler broke. Good. The repairman came to check it. Good. It still doesn’t work. Good. It will be repaired one way or the other. What is the easiest way for you to allow the repair to take place? Are you excited to do it yourself? Then that is inspiration. Do you have something your more excited about? Then do that and let someone else do the repairs.

In resistance, you feel that the broken sprinkler is wrong, the repairman is wrong and the cost to do the repairs is also wrong and bad. However, there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. You perceive it as wrong due to a set of limiting beliefs. Without those limiting beliefs, you could not perceive anything as wrong. If you want to become a vibrational match to the life you truly desire, you must process those limiting beliefs. You exist in a state of confusion. You ask “why did the sprinkler break? Why couldn’t the repairman fix it easily? Why does it always cost so much? Why do they always want more money? In clarity you would look at all things with a sense of curiosity. “How is this for me? What am I most excited to do now? I can’t wait to see how the money will come for this repair! Everything is always working out for me!”

You have a set of beliefs now which cause you to perceive yourself as a victim. You are the creator of your reality, so your current belief system of a victim is out of alignment with who you truly are. This is why you are living the life you are living now. If you would like to raise your vibration to become a match to the life of a creator, you must adjust your beliefs. You must adopt the set of beliefs you would have if you were living that dream life. You do this by accepting all that is as perfect as it is. You do this by accepting that every single person in your life is perfect as they are now. You do this by accepting yourself as perfect as you are now. You do this by existing in a state of allowing and acceptance. This is the state of nonresistance. This is the state of the creator, not the victim. Choose your new state and enjoy your new life.

With our love,
We are Joshua