Dear Joshua,

Thank you again for everything in the bootcamp. I am eternally grateful, feel the expansion, and am listening to the podcasts daily and being aware of my perspective. I’m still processing the idea that what comes to you is for you. And still working on knowing when it is efforting vs conquering a fear.

I don’t have a specific example, but I’m listening to an old Roundtable and when discussing kids being forced to do homework vs being inspired to learn something, Gary says, “don’t be pressured into doing things you don’t want to do.” If it is beneficial to accept everything that comes to you, then is the work just in changing your perspective to seeing how it is for you, vs. moving away from something you don’t feel inspired to do?

Is it always possible to change your perspective from not wanting to do something to feeling inspired do it?

With thanks and love,

Dear Erin,

There is a difference between efforting and pushing through fear. If you are working in order to make something happen that you think will enable you to feel something you do not already feel, like abundance or security, then if the work is not enjoyable, that is efforting. If you are inspired to do something, and fear pops up, you will feel a bit uneasy when pushing through that fear. The difference is Love vs. Fear.

Most humans believe that in order to feel something they perceive as lacking in their lives, they must go out and make it happen. If you feel a lack of appreciation, you might go out and do things for people. If you feel a lack of money or security, you might go out and do some kind of work. When you are in the midst of those activities and you are not having fun, then you are simply efforting your way on your own to the creation of some manifestation that you think will make you feel what you do not feel now. This is working out of a stance of lack (fear) and so you do not engage the forces of the universe.

Now imagine that you are inspired to do something greater than yourself. You might have an issue with worthiness and so fear will pop up when you move forward to take an action based on your inspiration. The fear feels uncomfortable, because you are stretching yourself and moving towards who you really are. The fear might actually limit you from moving forward and when that happens you might convince yourself that you do not enjoy the process of taking action. It’s not the activity that you do not like, it’s the feeling of fear. However, the inspiration is based in love and so you can have faith that the action will lead to your highest good. When you are inspired and you push past your fear and take action, you will feel exhilarated. That is a feeling based in love.

Many people are inspired to do things, but they often quit right at the beginning if they don’t receive immediate success. It’s not a matter of the work being unenjoyable, it’s a matter of becoming comfortable with the fear that will always arise before taking any inspired action. You will either learn to push past your fear or succumb to the fear. If you succumb, you will move along until you are inspired again and if you have not processed your limiting beliefs, the fear will stop you again. You might notice these recurring cycles in people’s lives (or even in your own life). They get started on something, but quit at the first challenging moment. It’s never because the work is unenjoyable, it’s because the fear is too much to handle.

If you are a child in school and you enjoy the subject, then you will learn naturally and the homework will be interesting. However, if you have no interest in (need for) the subject, you will not retain any information and so the homework is a needless experience of effort and struggle. You could be focused on something you do enjoy instead. The false premise is that all children are able to learn the same subjects at the same time as long as they are taught the subjects equally and do the work. The actual fact of learning is that everyone is different. Everyone develops at their own pace. Everyone has unique interests. Every student, like every other thing in physical reality, is unique. Without the need to learn the subject, the information (intelligence) cannot be attracted.

Most often there is not a need for the student to learn whatever subject they are being force fed. However, there is a need to achieve high marks and to pass tests. And so to fulfill this need, the student attracts the information long enough to take the test. The test might be required in order to go onto the next grade with all their friends. It might be necessary to pass the test with high marks in order to receive love and approval. However, unless the student has an immediate need (interest) for the subject at hand, the intelligence will not be attracted and retained.

Abundance is the receiving of whatever you need, to do whatever you are focused on, when you need it.

With our love,
We are Joshua