Dear Joshua,

What do I need to do to succeed financially and professionally? I’m not able to finish a book to sell. I do not know what’s happening. I’m not getting proposals for work. I’ve been a motivational speaker for years. I’ve been trying to sell an online course, but I do ot have clients.

Today I’m out of focus, I need help.
hanks for your help, Joshua.

Dear Enny,

If you understood how this system of physical reality works, you would approach life very differently. You would not need to be financially successful, you would appreciate everything that exist right now. You would not have to manufacture financial abundance, you would simply focus on what interests you and the money you need to pursue that interest would flow easily. You would not write a book to make money, you would allow the words to flow in joy and that would feel very satisfying. You would not be a motivational teacher, you would teach by being an example of alignment.

It is very good that you are not financially successful right now, because you are approaching life in a resistant way. Your current approach does not align with the laws of the universe. It is resistant. If you became financially successful in this resistance (because you have coerced the conditions by efforting and struggling your way to the money), then that’s what you would be teaching. This would never make you feel successful, because you have not cultivated the feeling internally. In fact, it would make you feel even less successful and worthy. You certainly do not want to feel that way, nor do you want to teach others this ineffective approach to life. What you truly want is to find a new approach to life.

The life you have led and the experiences that you’ve been through have caused you to expand. Here you are teaching motivation in an old approach that defies the laws of the universe. Those who have come before you taught motivation without addressing the fear and resistance that causes one to seek motivation. They have misled you. They have made you believe that there is a way to effort and struggle your way to success. However, that idea of success can never come through effort. It can only come through allowing and acceptance, passion and love, creativity and confidence.

When you seek to manifest something you think you want (success), you are actually exploring the lack of it. You see, you are already successful. You simply compare yourself to others and to your society’s idea of success. In comparison, you feel as if you lack it. This is simply an illusion because the ideas of success as promoted by your society are false. They are resistant and controlling. They are designed to control conditions in order to avoid fear and negative emotion. This approach simply has never worked and will never work because it goes against the very system of physical reality.

Who you truly are is a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. Who you are being is a limited version of that. Your limitations are all selfimposed. You believe you lack certain things, but this is an illusion. In reality, lack does not exist. It is simply the perception of lack. You are focused on lack and so from the universe’s perspective, you are exploring the subject of lack (lack of money, time, freedom, relationships, experiences, etc.) If you are exploring the subject of lack, as most people are, the universe brings you an abundance of experiences to aid you in your exploration. If you want to explore the other side of lack, true abundance, then you must shift your focus. You must radically alter your entire approach to life.

Motivation asks people to put forth even more effort and struggle in order to overcome lack. However, that is still the exploration of lack. Inspiration, on the other hand, brings forth thoughts and ideas that resonate with love. It is the true power of the universe. When you are in alignment, you receive the inspiration to take action. That action will always bring forth some fear. If you push past the fear and act when inspired, you will move forward to the unfolding of your life as you intended prior to your birth. That intention was not to make money in order to feel secure or worthy, because you are inherently secure and worthy. The success does not define you as good, since you are already good. This is not what you truly want, it’s what you think you want.

You might think you want to be rich, famous, admired, liked, loved, or respected, but that desire is based in lack. What you truly want is to express your love to yourself, to all others and to the conditions as they exist. You truly want to experience real abundance and freedom. You truly want to expand in joy. And you truly want to explore some aspect of physical reality in more detail. Anything else you desire has been fabricated out of a false sense of lack, fear and doubt. Move toward the unfolding of your life by accepting yourself as you are now, all other people as they are now, and the conditions that exist as they are and you’ll start living the life you intended.

You are a teacher. You are on a journey of self-discovery. You have been inspired to teach, but you do not yet know what to teach. So you try to teach what everyone else is teaching; more control. We teach that you must abandon the idea of control, because it defies the system of physical reality. If you want to teach people to live life effectively to manifest their true dreams, you must teach a completely new approach to life. You must help them to see the world from a new perspective. You must teach them to see themselves from a higher perspective. You must become an example for others to follow.

You need not be different than you are to become a successful teacher. All you need to do is start accepting all that is and find a much higher perspective. You must accept that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Everything is right because everything is a perfect match to the vibration that’s being offered. If you want change, simply change that vibration. It’s the vibration of love and acceptance that creates the life you truly desire. Cultivate the feeling of complete and absolute acceptance and you will receive powerful and creative inspiration to act/ This will lead to everything you truly want in this life.

With our love,
We are Joshua