Dear Joshua,

I have used all the Law of Attraction techniques to buy my house. But after having had a great disappointment for not being able to buy the house of my dreams, my joy turned to sadness. I felt like an idiot to have been happy for months when visualizing a house, and suddenly I can not get the money after months of vibration. The real estate agent sold it to someone else who made a bigger offer. The fault is mine? I do not know how to create and make the manifestations? I do not deserve to live my dreams? If everything depends on me, I do not know why I failed. Help me understand what I need to do to be financially prosperous.


Dear Enny,

There are two aspects of creation that you are not currently tuned to: acceptance and faith. You see there are certain desires that you have within. There are the desires you create as you sift and sort and move through life and there are the desires you intended to manifest prior to your birth. You intended to love and accept yourself, all other people and the conditions that exist in the moment. You intended to explore true abundance and true freedom. And you intended to expand in joy. These are your true desires. Then there are the desires you have birthed as a result of your exploration of this reality. In order to manifest your desires, wherever they come from, you must become a vibrational match to them. If they do not exist in your life right now, it’s simply because you have yet to become a vibrational match. You become a match through absolute and complete acceptance of what is. When you do not accept what is, you exist in a state of resistance.

In a state of resistance, as you perceive that things are not working out for you, you do not become a match to anything new. That’s because you are currently focused on the lack of what you desire. This is the exploration of lack. The universe must provide you with a reality that perfectly matches your current exploration; lack. And so you receive an abundance of lack, frustration, disappointment, etc. The system is perfect, because your reality always matches your feelings. In this case, the primary feelings you are exploring are lack, limitation, and unworthiness.

You believe that the manifestation of your desires will make you feel something you do not already feel. This is a false premise. The universe does not work like this. You might try to be happy and use this as your tool to manifest what you think you want. But, this is not what is actually happening. What is happening is that you are trying to control the conditions in order to make something happen. When it doesn’t happen, you perceive failure. You perceive that you have failed in operating in a way that would create something that was missing. But nothing is ever missing. It’s simply that your perspective is a bit limited.

In order to manifest your desires, you must completely accept yourself, all other people and the conditions that exist in the moment. You believe that this was your dream house, but you can’t know that for certain. You don’t have all the information. If you were to manifest something that was not a vibrational match, that manifestation would highlight the difference in vibration between what you truly want and what you think you want. For instance, if you were to manifest this dream home, without first becoming a perfect match to it, you would experience more suffering. You might not be able to maintain this property. You might not be compatible with the neighborhood or the naighbors. You might lose the house to foreclosure. Something would have happened that would have pointed out the discrepancy in your vibration. Therefore, if the house was not to be yours, that’s a very, very good thing. It means you were not yet vibrationally ready. If you were ready, it would be yours. This is true of any desire.

We will let you in on a little secret. If you become a match to your desires, then they will flow easily and effortlessly into your life. If you make something happen on your own, before being vibrationally ready, you will not receive the feelings you hoped to receive. In fact, you would receive the opposite feelings. And so it is a perfect system. You can have faith that nothing will ever exist in your reality that you are not a vibrational match to. If you are exploring lack and perceive that the home would make you feel abundant, the home would simply further your exploration of lack.

If you accept what is as perfect, without needing anything to manifest in order to solve feelings of lack, you would simply appreciate what you have now and process the limiting beliefs around lack. The disappointment you faced as you perceive that you “lost” this house, is a manifestation event. It is a good thing. It lets you discover a limiting belief. The limiting belief is that you are not abundant now. That you are not perfect now. That you cannot manifest your desires unless you change the conditions. This is all false. That belief causes you to explore lack, insecurity, limitation and unworthiness. Change the belief before you change the conditions.

You can manifest anything you think you want. You can effort and struggle and go it alone to create what is missing. However, that creation will always make you feel like even more is missing. That creation will deepen your exploration of lack and limitation. That house would have felt like a prison to you. Without becoming a vibrational match first, the house that you would have manifested on your own, would have led you to more and deeper feelings of lack, limitation and unworthiness; the opposite of what you truly want to manifest.

The secret to effortless and exhilarating creation is to engage the forces of the universe. You can only do this through the absolute and unconditional acceptance of what is. This is the energy of love and it is perfectly aligned with who you really are. You are a being of love. The universe is a system of love that is fully supporting any path of exploration you choose. In wanting something to make you feel whole, worthy, abundant and free (all things that you already are), you are exploring the subjects based in fear. This is not aligned with who you are. You are simply looking at yourself, all others, and the world around you from a limited perspective. You believe that some things are wrong.

Raise your perspective on all subjects (most importantly yourself) and you come into alignment with your true power. Start exploring who you really are and your reality will change. Nothing outside of you can ever make you feel anything you do not feel now. So then, to become a match to everything you want, you must abandon your exploration of lack, limitation and unworthiness and explore another side of life. You must approach life in a radically new way. You must accept yourself as perfect as you are, all other people as perfect as they are and the conditions as perfect as they are now.

Imagine exploring how perfect and complete you are rather than trying to fill holes and fix problems. Imagine seeing all other people as perfect and appreciating them for who they are rather than wishing they were different. Imagine truly feeling grateful for what exists in your life now, rather than seeing all the flaws. Imagine the perfection that exists now. If you chose to look at everything from a higher perspective and saw it all as good and right and perfect, you would exist in alignment. In needing nothing to change, everything will change. By focusing on what is wrong, you attract more wrong. And so you have used the Law of Attraction perfectly. You have attracted what you needed to discover many limiting beliefs. If you can process those limiting beliefs by proving them false, then you will truly raise your vibration.

The event has led you to a new understanding of yourself. It has led you to a further understanding of universal laws. It has caused you to ask this question in your time of despair. If you can understand our answer and approach life from a stance of absolute acceptance, you will engage your power and manifest what you truly desire. This does not mean you will manifest what you think is missing. It means you will manifest the life experience you intended to live prior to your birth and this life will feel really, really good.

With our love,
We are Joshua