Hi Joshua,

Lately I have been pondering the idea of a “time buffer” for manifestations and am trying to get my head around it. I’ve heard Abraham say that what is manifesting right now is old news, as in it is a result of vibration we offered in the past, and that what we are focusing on right now is creating our future. But I have been thinking, shouldn’t what we are experiencing right now be an exact match to what we are right now, not the past? And therefore, is the idea of a time buffer really just the time it takes for us to change beliefs and get aligned with what we want to manifest, and if we could get aligned straight away the manifestation would come straight away?

Thanks, Emma

Dear Emma,

You would not want to manifest everything you are focused on in the moment you focus on it because your focus is not strong enough to maintain the vibration of what is wanted. In an environment where fear exists, such as physical reality here on Earth, you focus sometimes on what is wanted and you focus sometimes on what is not wanted. You also have the qualities of time and space, and so you have a buffer of time and a buffer of space. These are very good things, as we will explain.

In the nonphysical you are focused within the vibration of love and allowing. You can manifest whatever is wanted in the moment. Without the possibility of fear, your vibration is one of absolute love. You can maintain your focus on what is wanted because you are always in the state of love and acceptance. However, here on Earth you have been given the survival instinct because without it you would dip your toes in the denseness of physical reality and leave rather quickly. The survival instinct brings in the concept of fear which keeps you alive long enough to get used to the environment.

The survival instinct relies on rational fear. It keeps you from petting lions and falling off cliffs. That’s all well and good. But what about the other type of fear? What about irrational fear? Well, this type of fear is limiting. The fear that keeps you from asking someone for a date or asking your boss for a raise, that’s irrational fear because the result of your actions cannot kill you.

In this reality, you tend to think of something wanted and then all the things that could go wrong. You think of the ideal manifestation and then all the ways that it might not manifest. You are constantly thinking of wanted and unwanted at the same time. This is a representation of your vibration and it’s not a good thing or a bad thing. If you got an idea and manifested it immediately, that would not be much fun. The fun part is rising to the vibrational level of the idea, receiving the idea, playing around with the idea for a while, then bringing the idea from the nonphysical thought form to the tangible physical form. Now that’s fun.

Along the way you meet resistance and at these points you can decide if you really want the manifestation of your desire to come into your reality or not. You get to birth an idea and then decide if it’s right for you. How wonderful is that? But this is the stuff of life. This is why you are here. The most wonderful thing is to create a desire and then focus on it until it manifests into your reality.

You get to choose what you want every step of the way. You get to sift and sort your way through life and decide what it is you really want. You get to mold your thoughts so that they match with the vibration of what is wanted. You get to alter your beliefs so that you may become a vibrational match to the physical manifestation of what you want. You get to have so much fun doing all of this. How exciting!

Do you know that you are not yet a match to all the things you want but are not manifested in your reality? How do you become a match? You sift and sort through life until you reach the vibrational vicinity of some desire. Once you receive the idea, you know you are within the vibrational vicinity of that thing, feeling, or whatever it is. However, it it hasn’t physically manifested yet, so you have a little more work to do.

It’s an interesting thing to be so close to something, yet so far. You are a vibrational match to the idea of what you want, but not to the physical manifestation of it. We are going to let you in on a little secret. The nonphysical idea of what is wanted is almost the exact same vibration of the physical representation of that idea. You are so close. If you have the idea, the physical thing is right next to you. Your mind is a vibrational match to it, the nonphysical part of you is a vibrational match to it, it’s just that the physical you is not quite there yet.

So how do you get the physical part of you to align with the idea that’s running around in your mind? How do you make those final few adjustments so that the physical you can match the vibration of the physical idea you hold in your head? All you have to do is change who you are being, what you are constantly thinking, what you are believing, and how you are approaching life. If you could do this on your own, you could bring the idea to life quite easily and quickly.

The reason you don’t have what you want is that you do not believe it yet. Once you convince yourself that it’s possible, the desire gets closer to manifesting. Once you believe you deserve it, the desire comes even closer. Once you expect it, the desire is almost there. Once you know it, the desire has manifested.

There’s nothing you really need to do on your own. Of course, you could always spend time working on your limiting beliefs and raising your own vibration through meditations and study of teachings such as these and others. This certainly helps. You could become more in touch with who you really are and what you really want rather than comparing yourself with others who you think have it better than you. You could get a sense of what is really important to you rather than chasing the false desires thrust upon you through the influence of those around you and your society as a whole. Or you could just let the universe work its magic for you.

Once you birth a desire, any desire, every desire, the universe goes to work to bring it to you. It will shape you through a series of manifestation events that will enhance your beneficial beliefs and reduce the intensity of your limiting beliefs. When something happens and you feel positive emotion, you are experiencing a manifestation event designed to enhance a beneficial belief. When you experience negative emotion, you are right in the middle of a manifestation event design to reduce the intensity of one or more limiting beliefs.

The manifestation events where you feel negative emotion do not feel good. We understand that. They are not meant to feel good. They are meant to get your attention. They are meant to shake you up. They are designed so that you might become aware of a limiting belief and hopefully you will see that the belief is based in fear and the fear is false. If you can identify the fear and prove to yourself that it is false, you can alter your beliefs, raise your vibration, and come one step closer to the manifestation of your desire in your reality.

But unfortunately, that’s not what you do. You stand your ground and hold on firmly to your limiting beliefs. You become attached to these beliefs even though you often have no first-hand experience with them. You adopted most of your limiting beliefs through the influence of someone else that you believed knew more about life than you did. So you resist the event, endure the emotional pain, and hold on firmly to your present vibration without allowing yourself to change.

All of this resistance is based in fear. The fear is irrational because it cannot kill you. Your beliefs are just thoughts you think are true. If the belief is beneficial, meaning it’s empowering and it aligns with who you are and what you want, then it is true. However, if the belief is limiting and it is responsible for holding you apart from your desire, then it is based in irrational fear and it is false; every single time without exception. Learn to question your limiting beliefs. Learn to see them for what they are; limitations. You are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. Release your limitations and allow whatever you desire to flow effortlessly to you.

This is the nonresistant approach to life. This is the allowing approach to life. This is the approach to life that works in harmony with universal forces and energies. This is the way it is in the nonphysical. This approach is universal. This approach is effective. It works every time without fail. Learn to allow by seeing nothing as inherently bad or wrong, and all you want will flow to you in the right amount at the perfect time.