Dear Joshua,

I am relaxing into the allowing of my clients to find me and I am starting to receive a flow – which is awesome. I wish some vibrational tweaking so that I can attract those awesome clients who pay me either in full or via the payment plan that is provided. What belief am I not seeing that needs refining? As always, I thank you so much for your sharing. With laughter and magic


Dear Eline,

You have a set of beliefs and these inform your vibration. The essence of what is revealed to you in physical reality comes as a result of your vibration. You may have beliefs in one area of your life which allow the flow of everything you want and in other areas you may have limiting beliefs, which to some extent restrict the flow of what you want. If you want to know the essence of your vibration, simply look at your life as it is perceived by you in this moment. If anything is to be enhanced, it will be improved through the alteration of your current belief system.

As you stand now, in the totality of your life, you have many things that are working and there are many things you desire. As you appreciate what’s working and focus on that, you allow what you desire to come. If you have birthed a desire then it must come as long as you allow it. Now, as we have said many times, there’s nothing for you to do. The universe will bring what you desire by creating opportunities for you to alter your limiting beliefs. You will be guided to many manifestation events that will cause you to feel emotion. If the emotion is good-feeling and positive, you have just discovered a beneficial belief.

For instance, let’s say you have a client who compliments your work and you feel good as a result. You feel positive emotion which lets you know that you have a belief that is in alignment with who you really are and what you really want. It is a beneficial belief and when you realize it, you can work to ramp it up even further.

When you have a client who doesn’t pay you on time or in the amount you have agreed on and you feel negative emotion, it exposes a limiting belief. When you feel bad, you have just uncovered a belief that does not support who you are and what you want. It is a belief based in fear and it is a false belief. What you are really doing is looking at the situation from a stance of fear. This fear causes you to react in a way that is not beneficial, in fact it’s quite limiting. If you can realize this and then reduce the intensity of the fear by looking at the subject from a higher perspective, you’ll feel relief and you will reduce the intensity of the belief. Now your vibration shifts to something new.

When you make any change to your belief system, your vibration automatically shifts and a new reality is revealed to you.

Let’s look at the negative emotion that resulted from a client who cannot afford to pay. You believe that it is wrong for the client to not pay you. You believe your life will be adversely affected by the absence of money. You fear that other clients will not pay you. You believe that you might not be successful in the profession you love and will have to do something else to earn enough money to live the lifestyle you believe you deserve. You believe that the amount of money a client pays, and the time and method of the payment has some reflection on your worthiness. All of these beliefs are based in fear and all are false.

The work you do need not be exclusively tied to the income you generate.

Your work is your passion and so the basis of your work is love. Money is not your passion. It can be the byproduct of your passion, but your life-long belief in lack of money is very strong and so this is a prevalent part of your vibration. The best thing we can offer you is the idea that money need not be a factor in your passion if you can allow it to come regardless of your fear.

Simply do your work, help your clients, set up structures that make you feel responsible, but do not tie the performance of your work to the generation of money. Money will come as it is needed to support your passion. Don’t believe that money comes as a result of your work. This is counter to the way the universe works. It is best for you to leave alone the subject of money. If you can do this and focus on the joy your work brings, then the money must flow to support that. If you believe there is a certain way the money should come, then you block the natural flow of money.

You are loved and appreciated more than you can imagine.