Hi Joshua ,

My immediate resistance is around the flow of money. How can I be in the relaxed state that all is happening as it should if I am feeling pressure around the money not flowing in? There is this "tug/pull" energy within me as I so get the concept that I am being made to expand to be in alignment with what I say I want yet when there is not enough money in the bank account to cover the bills, how do I reconcile with that so I can stay in that allowing space?

Joshua also mentioned "moving out of your comfort zone". I think I may be answering my own question here but if emotion is the indication of alignment or non-alignment, then how does doing something that doesn’t feel good to you become the "next logical step" to take towards your desires? What I am hearing is that it may not feel good at first but it’s meant to bring to light the limiting belief that is asking to be shifted so that you can be in the state of allowing all you desire to flow. I have equated this to the feeling of stage fright – a more "excited" energy rather than a fearful one. But what if the energy is downright fearful – or out of integrity for you? How is that reconciled? (Joshua did say his statement may bring up more questions…lol)

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Dear Elaine,

Let’s talk a little bit about comfort. You know there are things that must be done and if you’re not inspired to do them, you use the excuse of not being inspired. The next logical step is just that whether the inspiration is there or not. You decide that the action step is not desirable, therefore it’s not in alignment with what you truly want. Yet, if it’s the next logical step, it must be in complete alignment with what you want. If you don’t want to do it, you must analyze the fear that surrounds it which is keeping you from the action that you know in your heart is right.

Negative emotion is your indicator that you have a belief that is based in fear. Positive emotion is your indicator that in this moment, you have a belief that is based in love. Negative emotion allows you to stop and identify the belief that is based in fear. Once you have identified it, you can work on the belief to reduce its intensity by confronting the validity of the fear. Is it true? Is it a rational fear or an irrational one? How is this fear (or belief) preventing me from moving forward?

There is no energy around the thought of any action without you placing it there. You get to decide what is true for you. No energy is inherent in any idea in and of itself. Your judgement makes ideas, actions, and thoughts good or bad, positive or negative, energetic or not. When you understand that your journey is to move towards a higher, love-based version of yourself, and to do that you must release your fears, you will see that all action can be taken with joy.

Now, we are talking about action that is the next logical step, not action done just for the sake of action. We are not talking about busy work or trying to make things happen. In this example, you know what must be done, yet you believe you will not enjoy it (because there is some fear around it) and you call it uninspired action. If your bills are not being paid, then there is a next logical step. If you career feels stalled, then there is a next logical step. There is always something that is in front of you, some next step, that must be taken.

The definition of bliss is the joyous pursuit of interests and passions. In the exploration of a passion there will be blocks in the road that must be conquered. These steps appear scary because they are new. You might feel like you cannot handle it and you might want to circumvent the block or even give up altogether. But these steps must be taken for you to fully explore your passion.

When we say joyous pursuit, we understand that it is always you who is responsible for supplying the joy. The action is not imbedded with joy, you simply feel joy in doing the action. It is you who chooses to be joyous or not. You have the ability to bring joy and positive energy to everything you do even if that thing you do next feels like work.