Dear Joshua,

There is a billiards and sports bar that I am interested in buying. The bar is not listed for sale. I know they want to sell because I play Texas Hold’em there and from the first time I walked in I really liked the vibes of the place. It is large,11,000 square feet. In addition to nightly games of Texas Hold’em they have 18 pool tables, about 10 dartboards, a full bar, a portable dance floor they put down on weekends and have a DJ. They allow smoking and their filtration system is excellent because if it wasn’t I could not be there nor could other nonsmokers.

The place is open from noon til 2am and is always packed. They have pool tournaments and dart tournaments in addition to cards. They are located in a small strip mall behind a McDonald’s restaurant. They do not serve food but I understand that they could sell some foods. The owners spend very little time there and it is run by longtime employees. Purchase of the bar does not include the building so it is a lease situation.

I am definitely on the fence about this bar. It’s not really great shakes financially as the current income is not great but that would be up to me to increase. Alternately, I can sit and invest in gold, silver, and crypto’s and make more money without being committed to running the bar and all the time and work that entails.

The reason for buying the bar was never financial (I don’t need a job or another career) but inspired by the idea of “not” sitting so many hours regarding the investments plus getting out socially much more than I do now and spending more time with the Bootcamp Teachings Workbook and podcasts.

Being an entrepreneur, I love developing and creating businesses. However, I would have to sell crypto’s and precious metals to make the purchase and I believe it is bad timing to do that since they are steadily climbing in value each month. One thing that inspired me to buy was you say money should not be hoarded, but should flow. My initial thoughts were that I have saved precious metals for many years for their appreciation and also to have for my retirement. Well, that time is here. I do have an income from my current business even though I have retired from working it. So, is now the time for my savings to flow?

I do not feel that fear is why I am hesitating. I feel it is because of the time in my life. I’ve put in enough 16 hour days seven days a week building all of the other businesses that I’ve created over the years and I think the biggest thing is it’s time for me to enjoy the rewards of my past endeavors and stop spending so many hours daily on my investments and not commit to a new endeavor.

I have started a list of reasons to do this and reasons not to do this and every time I think that not doing it is winning I get an urge to go for it. I realize I used the word urge rather than inspired as I no longer feel inspired to do this but the desire has not lifted. As you can see, and as a write, I realize I have reasons to do this and reasons not to do this and so I really would appreciate your guidance I am meeting with the owner tomorrow at noon and would like to give her a yes or no and stop thinking about what to do. I appreciate your guidance and apologize for waiting so long to ask.


Dear Drew,

You received an inspired idea: to buy this specific business. When you pondered this idea, you felt good. You were in alignment and so you took the first step. Of course, as inspiration strikes, so will fear. The fear causes you to contemplate the idea and to imagine the fruition of your perception of the outcome into the future. Since you are not yet a vibrational match to the version of you who will actually complete the manifestation of your idea, you cannot see or even accurately imagine how things will work out. If the idea is inspired, then each step along the way will lead to your highest good. This is not about making money or the actual physical outcome of the idea, it’s about your growth into becoming who you will be at every point along the way. It is all about the journey and not much about the end result.

If you are primarily focused on the end result as you imagine it, then you limit what might come to you. Since you cannot know what actually will manifest or how you will expand as a result of your journey, it is not necessary to imagine anything other than that first step. Each step is another first step, since one step may or may not lead to the next step as you imagine it. Once you have taken a step, then you may adjust and look at the idea from a new perspective. The original inspired idea is gone and now you must be inspired to the next step. All along the way you will feel fear. The fear will either be stronger than your desire and therefore stop you in your tracks or you will push past the fear to take the next step. When analyzing the fear, you must look at it based on the next step and not the completion of the idea.

For instance, Gary at one time was inspired to purchase two million-dollar homes for renovation. He pushed past the fear and took all of the steps to buy the homes. He had definite ideas about the actual manifestation and completion of the homes, but from his limited perspective he could not foresee that the homes would lead to the loss of his fortune and the subsequent journey that led him to where he is now. At the time of his apparent loss, he perceived he made a wrong decision. From his current perspective, he sees how everything turned out perfectly and he is grateful for it all. He would not be living the life he’s living now had he not taken the inspired action at the time. He could not foresee his current life from that limited perspective and so each of the steps along the way created the life he loves today.

You cannot make a wrong decision. You cannot fail. The outcome may or may not be what you think you want. However, the vibrational journey will always lead to your highest good. If you buy the business, that will be good and if you do not buy it, that will also be good. You will receive many opportunities to travel along this journey of self-discovery. You must remember two things; you need not be attached to any specific outcome and the actual manifestation of the purchase is not what you want, it’s the journey to the new vibrational version of you.

You are and have always been on a vibrational journey to discover who you really are. As you sit in your apartment playing with numbers on a computer screen, you are not really moving. As you are paying attention to us and interacting with the group, you are moving a little. What you truly want is to take that journey and maintain your alignment along the way. Can you do that? Can you process all the manifestation events that will happen as you expand through each experience? Can you disregard what other people think of you? Can you have fun despite the outcome being different than what you think you want? If you can, you will expand in joy. If not, you will expand in suffering. Either way, you will be moving forward along your journey of self-discovery.

With our love,
We are Joshua