Dear Joshua,

I just lost a job that was bringing me income that I was depending on and I’m not sure how I created that outcome, but think it might have something to do with fear about not having enough money and also a resistance to this person who voted for Trump even though it was never discussed and had nothing to do with my job. I’m a pretty conscious creator, I do my work, I meditate every day, I write in my journal 10 things I’m grateful for, and I try and keep myself in a high vibration, so when I create this kind of loss out of fear, it kind of throws me into confusion. Why is it easier to create unconsciously than consciously? I know you’re going to say it has to do with resistance, but how do I create what I want such as more income and less resistance to what is going on in our world. If I am active and march with women and protest, I’m in resistance. Is that creating negative results for me?

Live, love, laugh…

Dear Donna,

When you think something bad has happened, you look around to find the cause of the negative event. You, as a conscious creator, realize that you created the event. Unconscious creators naturally assume that something outside of themselves was to blame for their unfortunate circumstances. On that point, you have everything perfectly right.

You create your own reality and you created the stream of income that was flowing and you also created the current stream of income. However, you perceive that the stream which was derived from the job no longer exists and you call that a bad thing. It’s your judgment that it was bad that has you unconsciously creating what you do not want. However, what if the shift in reality that caused the event to occur was actually good? What if everything is happening just the way it is meant to happen? What if this event creates a desire for something more? That’s where you must focus. Focus on what is wanted, not on the theoretical cause of something unwanted that appears to have happened. Nothing bad happened, because everything that happens, happens for you and that is very good.

You want to trace your vibration to discover what it is you were doing that caused the bad thing to happen. This is resistance. This is counter to the laws of the universe. This is focusing on what you do not prefer. This is placing your attention (which brings the Law of Attraction into action) on something unwanted.

Here’s a better idea:

When something happens, simply perceive it in a way that is empowering and gives you a feeling of relief. We understand that this is the stumbling block for those who have come to discover the Law of Attraction. You find that it is not working whenever something apparently bad happens. You blame yourself for not maintaining a high vibration. But that is not accurate. Your premise is flawed. If you believe that you can avert manifestation events by maintaining a high vibration, you’ve missed the entire point. You move your vibration higher by moving through events such as these and learning to place them in the proper perspective. It’s all about maintaining alignment with your inner self, with who you really are, and with what you truly want.

Let’s look at this example. You lose a job and judge it as a bad thing. This causes you to experience negative emotion because your perspective is not in alignment with the perspective your inner self holds. That is the only reason you could ever feel negative emotion. You feel fear, but your inner self does not feel the fear and therefore you are given an indication in the form of negative emotion. It’s that simple.

So then, what is your perspective? You perceive that abundance is flowing from this job and now abundance has been cut off. Do you really think the universe can only provide you with what you need through this one source? The universe has the infinite power to support every being in existence. It will find other ways to support you. It will find sources of abundance that make you feel even better. However, that is really up to you. You can complain that this source has dried up and now you have to do something to make up that money or you can have faith that you will be guided to an even better source (or sources) if you allow it.

When we mean allow, we mean that you are in a receptive emotional state of being. You are not residing in a low emotional state because you feel bad. No, you are working and striving to feel good and when you feel good you become open to receiving inspiration. The inspiration will feel like an idea to read an article, or call a friend, or research something on the internet, or overhear a conversation, or drive down a new street, or infinite other things. If you can create an environment of allowing by understanding that everything is happening for you, you can remain in a positive emotional state of being for longer and longer periods of time. If you can act on inspiration and push past your fears, you will be led to the next source and the next flow and the next fun thing that brings in more money that you could ever imagine.

It’s not that you haven’t been maintaining a high vibration, it’s simply that you haven’t been maintaining the higher perspective.

You are loved more than you can imagine and supported by more than you could ever count.