Dear Joshua,

I feel so lost. My fears of lack have created just that – financial challenges. How do I shift my energy so that I can change that, and bring abundance into my life by doing work that I love? And what is the work that I came to do?


Dear Diana,

You came to explore reality at this time and place primarily for the fun and joy and expansion of it. That was your intention before your birth. Most of your intentions were general in nature, but there was one or more specific things you came to explore this time around. Now, if you haven’t found your passions in this life, you haven’t yet discovered the more specific things you came to explore.

Abundance is your birthright, so there is no need to explore lack anymore. You can remove that from your list of experiences right now if you so choose. Your passion in this life is something that you are not quite ready for now. You are not a vibrational match to it. You will have to change who you are being and your approach to life before you can become a vibrational match to that which you came here to explore.

You chose your parents, the time and place of your birth and the conditions of your childhood because you knew that this would set you on a trajectory toward that which you came here to explore. Have you discovered it yet? Look at your childhood. What is it specifically about that childhood that might give you a clue? Why did you choose these people as your parents? What were you interested in as a child? What did you like to do? Are you still doing that? Why not?

It is likely that your passion is right in front of your nose, but you are holding yourself apart from it because you are judging something about it. You are either judging the subject itself as inappropriate for you, or your judging yourself as somehow not being able to do it (or to make money doing it, or worthy of it, or some other reason why you cannot do it).

The universe is designed to support anything you desire. The universe will yield to your wishes. All you have to do is go forward in the state of love, which is the state of confidence and faith. If you are interested in something, you are worthy of it and the universe will provide all the support you need. The universe will also mold you into the version of you that is ready and able to recognize your desire when it comes. Here’s your part in all of this:

You must shift your approach to life from one of resistance to one of allowing. When you resist (by complaining, worrying, or thinking that something is wrong), you hold yourself firm and you do not make the changes necessary to become a vibrational match to what you want. When you allow that everything is right and that everything is working out for you and you look at everything from the higher perspective, you move into a state of allowing and you allow the changes to your beliefs that are necessary to raise your vibration so that you can receive what you’ve asked for.

Your current set of rigid and limiting beliefs are keeping you from all that you want. They are keeping you from allowing abundance to flow and they are keeping you from aligning with your intended passions in this life. Alter those limiting beliefs and your reality will shift.

All limiting beliefs are based in irrational fear and are therefore false. Find evidence that they are false and prove to yourself that they are not true, and you will release the intensity of the limiting beliefs. All beneficial beliefs are true. Prove to yourself they are true and you increase the intensity of beneficial beliefs. Raise the intensity of beneficial beliefs while lowering the intensity of limiting beliefs and the result will be a noticeable shift in your reality. Everything will start to come together as you intended.?

It all starts with your perception. Stop complaining about anything in the moment. Start appreciating everything in your life. Reduce the resistant nature of finding fault and increase your state of allowing by finding what’s good about everything. This is how you move from the state of resistance into the state of allowing. This is how you change. This is how you will find your passion and from that abundance will flow.

You are loved.
We are Joshua