Good Morning Joshua,

I just returned from seeing an old friend for the first time in over ten years. He is a multimillionaire and enjoys life tremendously. He lives in a magnificent beautiful home on a lake in NC, and has another home he loves in FL. He travels wherever he wants. He has an incredible family life as he loves his wife and children and they love him. He is able to provide generational gifts of waterfront homes and insightful one of a kind experiences for his friends and family. He earns money residually and performs when he wants for fun – not for money.

YET he complains about the government, says he is constantly worried about the state of affairs of the world and the US. He dwells on political scenarios. He hates taxes and the tax system. He knows nothing of The Law Of Attraction and does not practice any type of meditation or “inner being” consciousness.

I don’t understand how he has attracted such a high flying life. I feel like my life should be as high flying!!! Yet I still struggle with money even though I feel like I am doing everything “RIGHT”!!

I recently came to a day where I said I would not exchange my life for anyone else’s – but I have to admit – after seeing my friend again – I would not mind having some of what he has!!! So I have 2 questions…

How did he attract his high flying life?

And why am I not attracting his level of high flying life???????

Thank you in advance for your insightful and enlightening answers!

All The Best,
Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

This is the easiest question you have ever sent us and we’re surprised you don’t see the answer yourself. Those reading this will see it easily. Can you guess? Your life, everyone’s life is a conglomeration of aspects. You are doing well in this thing and this thing, but this part could use some improvement. Really? Why is one part of you doing better than another part. Can’t every part operate together at a high level? No? Why not?

Let us take you back to the beginning. You came into this world with a set of intentions. Most of these intentions were general in nature. You intended to experience joy, freedom, happiness, pleasure, fun, love, etc. And you came with one or more specific intentions. You came to experience this. You came to do that. Whatever it is, it is found in your interests and passions. And you all came here for the opportunity to expand.

It is your judgement that tells you that one aspect is better than another aspect. It is your comparison to others that tells you that you have room for improvement. It is your influence from society that tells you you’re headed in the right or wrong direction. Yet, when you compare you to you, how do you feel. When you look at who you are now as compared with who your were last week, last month, last year, last decade, what do you think? Have you progressed? Are you more now? We see that you are.

Would you really want to have that money if it came with the condemnation of taxes, not understanding the law of attraction, not being conscious, not understanding you’re an energetic being, being clueless to how the world really works or not truly being happy because you don’t really understand what you’ve accomplished?

We think not. We think you’re just trying to find fault with yourself. We think you’re picking on the only aspect you think you’re failing at. But we think you’re being narrow sighted and we know that you’re going to laugh when you read this in the future.

How does God complain that she hasn’t made a million dollars? That’s funny. God has everything. Love, intelligence, understanding, clarity, empathy. You know you have what’s really valuable. Your friend does not have what you have. Your friend is not as evolved as you. Your friend is doing the only thing he can do. He’s justifying his experience with displays of success. The only reason he, or anyone is driven to wealth without an understanding of the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality is because they are trying to justify their existence, soothe their insecurity, and/or control their uncontrollable environment. When they become successful but haven’t eased their tensions, they blame the outside world for their inner discomfort.

You do not have that problem. You understand how this system works. You do not need money or success to justify who you are to anyone. You can allow money to flow if you stop comparing yourself to lower vibrational people. You believe that since you know how this works that you should be doing better in the financial area of your life. But your missing a key point.

One, you are comparing yourself to those who are doing better in that one area. You are focussing on that one aspect without regard to all of the areas that are going so well. Two, you see lack and therefore you bring more lack. You don’t truly appreciate the abundance you experience right now. You are not comparing yourself to the 99% of the world who are not experiencing the financial abundance that you are experiencing.

Three, keep your focus on your interests and passions even if they change. Interests and passions evolve and one thing leads to another. As you raise your vibration you will raise your level of interest in new things. Keep your focus on what interests you and believe the money will come because it surely will.

All you have to do is let go of this lifelong desire to attract money. All you have to do is put this aspect in perspective with the other parts of your life that are going so well. Diminish the intensity of this desire and it will begin to flow. Change your perspective on this subject and the side affect will be improvement. And stop, once and for all,comparing yourself to those you think are doing better. No one is doing better than you.