Dear Joshua,

I get it!! Your sentence that gives me such a thrill is “If your intention is to feel joy, your reality, through your new approach to life, will bring you many reasons to feel joy” I have been doing a daily intention for about a month now. I love saying it over and over and it just feels super right to me! “I am a GRATEFUL, HEALTHY, HAPPY,MILLIONAIRE.”

So that intention is manifesting in creating MORE HAPPINESS. I really like this intention which is already 3/4s of the way absolutely true. So I didn’t think of HAPPY as the main goal – just something that I have already accomplished. But now I see that you are saying that this intention is bringing more happiness in every aspect. So you are exactly right. And I am giving myself credit. And I am very appreciative that your answer to my question clarifies and links my intention to the outcome. I didn’t realize the connection of my intention and that manifestation. But I am going to pay more attention!!

Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

This is a reality were the only thing that carries any importance is how you feel in the moment. Think about it for a minute. If you were to feel joy, would it matter what the conditions were. Would you have to be a millionaire to feel joy. Are you sure that being a millionaire would bring more feelings of joy than you now experience? Could you create an approach to life where joy and happiness was the goal and where being a millionaire was the side effect.

You, and almost everyone else in your society believes that money will bring joy. But we are here to tell you that it’s the opposite. Joy will bring money. Money is the side effect of joy. Money is the side effect of happiness. Health is the side effect of joy. Health is the side effect of happiness.

You are still not quite understanding the mechanism of physical reality. How you feel determines what will appear in your reality. If you practice feelings of joy, if you intend to feel good, if you ask to feel happy, if you are grateful, if you do appreciate the conditions of your life, then the universe, through the mechanism of physical reality, will deliver to you experiences, things, and manifestations that are the physical representations of how you are predominately feeling!!!

Your daily intention is wonderful but might use a little tweaking. We just think that it doesn’t matter if your healthy or a millionaire if you’re grateful and happy. What’s better than being happy?

In the nonphysical realm we seek to feel joy, love, passion, interest, desire, appreciation and other higher vibrational feelings. We are feeling beings and so are you. Our focus is strictly on how we feel and since we create our realities instantly, we are really good at creating the feeling of what feels good. Feeling, feeling, feeling. It’s the only thing that matters.

In your reality all you need to do is practice feeling good. Appreciate it when you feel good. Think thoughts that feel good. Have fun because fun feels good. Want to experience joy because joy feels good. Love everyone and everything because love feels good. Don’t worry because worry does not feel good. See the positive aspects in everything because positive aspects feel good. Get the feeling part sorted out and then everything will come to you that’s a match to how you feel. That’s all it is. It’s really so simple.