Dear Joshua,

Frank and I have been so high flying, joyous, and extremely grateful every day, celebrating consciously for several months. We end each day appreciating how successful our business and life is and have been planning super fun things like trips to Spain, boat fishing trips, remodeling of our upstairs bath, etc. All of these plans came about due to the wonderful income we have manifested in our business. Today our largest account which makes up over 1/3 of our business ($148,000 last year) told us he was starting his own powder coating division and would not be using us anymore. I keep repeating "everything is right" but I am having a hard time thinking about my husband, who has worked so very hard to create a successful and profitable business, is now, once again, back in the oven, scrimping to make rent and payroll. Since we created this reality – in our high flying state- what in the world is going to happen now that I am in this low vibration of anger and disappointment? Why was our success not sustained when we were in such high frequency of joy? And please do not tell me I have to burn a few more dinners – this is the whole damn kitchen burning down!!

With much gratitude

Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

We can only talk about the manifestation that is happening for you, as Frank would need to ask his own question. So what are you feeling in the light of this news which you look upon as negative? Remember, you get to choose what anything means. You believe what is happening is bad and you feel some negative emotion. Nothing is good or bad, it is neutral. You just can’t see the broader picture of this from your present perspective, so you judge it as bad.

What if we were to tell you that this event will lead to something so much better? It will cause things to change in you so that you get what you want, and so that Frank will get what he wants too. If you knew this to be true, then you would feel positive emotion, not negative emotion. If say in five years, looking back from your much improved place, you would see this event as the turning point in your life and you would say “Thank God, they opened that powder coating operation,” then how would you feel now?

So you see that everything is perspective. Since you can’t know where this will lead, and you can’t know what would have happened if the competition didn’t open, there’s absolutely no reason to dwell on the possible negative ramifications of this event. You just don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s as simple as that.

Why do you feel negative emotion in the first place? It’s because you are uncovering a limiting belief and your inner self is alerting you to this fact by the use of the bad-feeling you’re currently experiencing. The basis of this limiting belief is fear. Your only option is to soothe the fear by thinking better-feeling thoughts until you feel relief. It is only in this manner that you can raise you vibration high enough to receive guidance from your inner self.

If you feel bad and worry about what’s happening, you’re operating from a low-vibrational stance and it will be difficult (though not impossible) for you to feel inspiration. The inspiration will lead you to a solution to your problem which is actually to the path that is laid out for you. While you wallow in self-pity, you run deaf to the inspiration that is meant to come that will lead you to the next step on your path.

Can’t you understand by now, with everything you now know, that you are being led to what you really want? You are so fixated on what you think is the right way to get you there that you are missing the way the universe will get you there. You have to remember that you cannot see the path. When you attempt to fill it all in on your own, you short-circuit the elegant design the universe has for you. Just relax and have a little faith that when things arise that seem bad, they are not really bad, they are just a part of the journey.

So, stand up, brush yourself off, and think of all the people physical and nonphysical, who are here with you supporting everything that is happening. Do you think they would let this happen if it were not part of your path? If this was not meant to happen, you would have been inspired to some action that would have offset this loss of business. But that did not happen. Why? Because this is supposed to happen. This is an integral part of the evolution of you. Everything is always working out for you.

All is right, you are loved, start feeling good again, feel for the inspiration that will come out of love and excitement, not fear or worry, and do what needs to be done when you’re inspired to do it.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could believe.