Dear Joshua,

I loved the answer to Kate this week.

I have an awesome life with massive amounts of love from friends and family, great experiences, a fabulous home and amazing health. It seems like enough to me! But after reading this answer and now reading Conversations With Steve – I see that you say there are always steps to better vibration. Can you give me some examples of vibrational raising activities to do when you want specific results. I’m still waiting for my pool!

And in closing I LOVE LOVE LOVE you and you have definitely changed my life. The knowledge you give is like the icing and the cherry and the sparkle on my already delicious cake!


Dear Debra Jo,

We see that you are a master at raising your vibration. You consistently choose the higher perspective, you rarely complain, you appreciate everything and you live life in joy. Occasionally, there will be some frustration and some things that are unwanted, but the majority of your life is lived in bliss. We see that you are truly in the top of the list of those who have created the life they desire.

So, how does one such as yourself raise your vibration any higher? There are things you can do, most of which you are doing. Spend as much of the time doing things you enjoy. Spend as much time as you can appreciating your life as it exists in the present moment. Meditate. Take naps. Watch movies. Love your husband. Pet your dog. Exercise. Stop worrying. Ooops. we felt a bump in your vibration on that last one.

Yes, everyone worries from time to time. That is understandable. However, when you worry, you choose to look at some unknown future event from a slightly pessimistic perspective. It is a limited perspective because it does not include all of the wonderful qualities that support you in every aspect of your life. When you choose to view something using the limited perspective, you leave out all of the possibilities that are available to you.

The universe has your back. You are fully supported. Why doubt it? Just trust it. Things have always magically worked out for you. You see signs that you are supported almost every day. So rather than worrying about the future, start practicing faith in the powers that support you and know that everything is working out for you even if you can’t see it from where you stand. Faith in the powers of the universe is the most effective way we know to raise vibrations.