Dear Joshua,

I love the fact that I truly do consider you a present and reliable friend. I blow kisses to you when I see something beautiful in this physical world and hope you are receiving my big love for you!

I am appreciating my life. Love my world. Have the perfect family and friends. And really am having a great time – all the time. So I am happy, feel abundant, feel worthy and loved, and now would like to figure a few things out.

I know from your teachings that I have manifested this amazing life so I am really really good at manifesting evidenced by the physical life I am living. What if I wanted something very specific? I would like a pool at our house. What steps do I need to do to get that pool in the next few months? I have:

1. Called a friend we used to know who builds pools – to perhaps go the DIY route.

2. I have looked online at beautiful pools that I love

3.I have talked with Frank and he really wants a pool as well (ooooo-co-creation!)

4. and I have decided instead of taking a big trip for my birthday next year I would rather have a
pool party in my own pool

I just want to know what other steps I should take and let YOU know I want a pool!!

Much Love and Mega-Appreciation,
Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

The manifestation of a pool for you will be easy. You already believe that a pool would be fun. You believe that a pool will enhance the beauty of your home. You believe that a new pool is an appropriate expenditure given the income you are currently generating because you believe the pool will add value to your home and you can understand the investment quality of the purchase. You can imagine having fun pool parties with your friends and this causes positive emotion which is aligned perfectly with who you really are and what you really want.

The only resistance we feel is your resistance around money. If you do not work to ease this resistance, you’ll build a pool, but the experience will be more stressful than necessary. You have the ability to ease your resistance and create the pool you really want. However, until you address this issue, you will compromise and build a pool that is less than what you and Frank truly desire. If this happens, it will diminish the level of joy and satisfaction the pool could bring to your lives and you will end up resenting the pool. You will always wish that the pool was different and thoughts of covering up the pool and building a vegetable garden will consume you. So there’s only one thing you can do; don’t worry about the money.

You must either build the pool of your dreams or do not build the pool at all. We are looking at your true desire here for it is so much more than just the pool. There are many things wrapped up in this desire and one of them is self-worth. You must feel worthy and deserving of the pool of your dreams. You must not care what others think (we want to say your mother) about this extravagance. This is a representation of your true worth and value and you deserve the best pool imaginable.

You are not simply building a pool, you are creating the physical representation of how you feel about yourself. Let the world know how good you feel. Let them know how worthy you really are. Everything is lining up for you to make a bold statement. Go big or go home!

We can’t wait to see what you create!