Hello Joshua,

Why am I not attracting re-employment, working from home? Blessings to you for your loving enlightenment and to you, Gary. for your generosity in offering this Q&A forum.

Debra McFadden

Dear Debra,

You attract only that which you are or have become a vibrational match. If it is not in your life in this moment, then you are simply not a match to it. Conversely, you are a match to everything that is in your life in this moment. You are a match to your home, your friends, your possessions, etc. In other words, you like most of what is in your life. What you don’t like is what’s missing.

Did you get that? You don’t like being unemployed or do you? What do you really think about when you think of a job? You think mostly about how it will fit into the life you now have. You believe that certain aspects of any job would disrupt the life you now enjoy. You are concerned that the job you really want is not really possible for you. But this is not true.

We will say that you have the ability to live as you are living now and pursue your interests and passions and provide income to support the pursuit of your interests. You do not have to compromise even if you think you do. However, you will not unlock abundance until you drop your fears. You don’t need to find the right job now because you are not yet a vibrational match to that.

Here’s how this works:

What you truly want is coming to you. If you have asked for it then it exists. However, you are not yet a match to it and that is why it is not in your life now. If you were a match to the perfect income producing scenario, you’d have it right now. So then, how do you become a match to that which you so desire? You do nothing other that allow the universe to cause the change to you that will match what you want.

The problem is that you cannot know how everything will unfold to bring you what you want. You try to think your way to it. You think, “Maybe I should do that…maybe I should do this…maybe that will give me what I want.” But because your perspective is limited, you can’t see the path. You think if it’s not unfolding as you imagine it should, then something’s going wrong. This is what stalls the unfolding of your desire into your reality. This is what is known as resistance.

The only thing you can do is allow the universe to create experiences and conditions that will lead you to what you want step by step. Some of these experiences might seems frustrating or even painful. That’s because you will be undergoing the change to your belief system that will allow you to become a match to your desire. If you go with the flow of these experiences, you will not be resistant to the change. If you judge any experience as wrong, bad, a failure, a set back, not the right thing for you, etc. then you resist the change that is necessary to bring you what you want.

If you want something in your life that is not present now, then you will have to alter your vibration which means your set of beliefs will have to change. If you cling to your beliefs, you resist the change and this will seem painful. You will either have to change or give up on your desire. Either way, it’s your choice.

We believe that you have a little fear, which is keeping you from acting. The way to alleviate the fear is to act on whatever inspiration you receive fearlessly. Don’t worry about failure. Don’t worry about perceived loss or decline. Don’t worry about anything, because when you see something that interests you, you can trust it’s right for you in the long run. When you are inspired to try something, it will lead you to the unfolding of your desire even it it seems like it didn’t work out. It won’t seem perfect now, but if it presents itself to you, it’s simply a step in the right direction. Take the first step.

You are loved more than you can imagine.