Dear Joshua,

I have been an employee of my company for 11 years. I have had the feeling for the past couple of years that I would like to open myself to new employment elsewhere. I feel like I’m “dying on the vine” and would like to immerse myself in a different work environment that aligns more with my passions and interests as I continue in my exploration and expansion.

At our company, all employees with anniversaries of five years or more are recognized at quarterly company meetings. The company owner shares a few words about their contributions and qualities. They are presented with an anniversary plaque get their picture taken, as well as a bonus in their paycheck.

This week, at our company meeting, I was recognized for my 11 years of service. The company owner praised me not only for my hard work but also how much I love the company, and even said that he was sure that I was one of those employees that “they will have to carry out of the building” (meaning, I suppose, that I’ll be working there until I keel over). When he shook my hand, the look in his eye was one of immense gratitude.

This lead to some feelings of guilt afterward, in light of my the desire I have birthed to embark on a new exploration in this area of my life. I even considered the possibility of working there on a part-time basis in the future, along with whatever I else I might be doing for income at that time. I realized that this was a fear-based manifestation event that has exposed some of my limiting beliefs, including being “loyal to a fault” and clinging on to a stable, steady job to mitigate the risk of failure. Again, I am aware of the chain of limiting beliefs around this. Still, I can’t shake that small feeling of guilt, specifically of letting the company owner down. Could you provide me with some insight?


Dear Daniel,

Who you truly are is a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. When you come to see yourself from this high perspective, you will gain clarity. You will not need recognition, you will appreciate appreciation. You will not feel guilt, you will move to whatever excites you. You will not perceive that your actions will adversely affect those who (from your current limited perspective) need you. You will be set free to pursue whatever you are interested in.

You are limitless. That means that nothing can define you or limit you other than yourself. All limitations are self-imposed and are generated from a limited perspective of self. From the higher perspective, you will see yourself in a new light and this perspective will allow you to dismantle your own limitations. You are a being of love and acceptance and so you may fully accept any conditions and be allowed to be moved to a new set of conditions; one that you prefer. There is no wrong where you are now. It is all right. You can explore everything you came to explore within your current job. However, you must know that you are far more than any job itself.

You exist at a certain vibrational level. You perceive yourself in a certain way that is comprised by a set of empowering and limiting beliefs. Your current perception of self allows you to live the life you now enjoy. As you raise your perception of the magnificence, perfection, and limitless nature of yourself, you create a new reality and it perfectly reflects your new perspective of yourself. Do you understand that everything is created from the vibration you are emitting? That vibration is a complete description of how you perceive yourself in the world. It is an absolutely perfect reflection.

What does your reflection of reality tell you? Does it tell you that you are living life based in love, freedom and abundance? Certainly it does. However, the edges of these subjects can be explored more fully and intentionally. Could you be slightly more abundant, slightly more free, and slightly more accepting? If so, your reality will begin to represent this new vibration. However, if you try to control any of the outside conditions before fully emitting the higher vibration, you will be shown exactly what you are doing and where your fears lie. You cannot fool the universe.

You felt the negative emotion of guilt when thinking of leaving your job. This is because you are looking at an illusion of reality. Your inner self sees you perceive something wrong (if you leave, you’ll let the company down) and sends you a message. The message says that this is not the true reality. You have a limiting belief (that you can create in another person’s reality) and this is what is causing the fear. Your inner self wants you to see the true reality by raising your perspective. This is the purpose of such a manifestation event. If you pay attention to the event and how you feel, you will raise your perspective and gain clarity.

You are not needed. You are not necessary. Other people do not need you to do anything for them. Your desire to be needed is a form of control. Even the money you make from this job is a form of control. It allows you to control your fear of financial insecurity. The truth is that you are free, secure, and abundant. You are already far more financially abundant than most humans. However, it is still limited. Who creates the limitations? You do. And so you can feel free to explore something new, however, you must understand your limitations fully. If you do not properly process your limiting beliefs, you will feel tremendous fear when embarking on something new. If you were to quit your job before establishing another source of income, the fear would be too great. If you process the limiting beliefs beforehand, the fear will be less intense. You will always face fear when embarking on anything new. How you process the fear will determine how far you go. Don’t change the conditions, learn to proficiently process fear and limiting beliefs.

You can have, be and do anything in this reality. In acceptance, you will be guided through inspiration to embark on a new exploration. On this exploration, you will be given everything you need to explore it fully. You will receive an abundance of manifestation events that will point out your limiting beliefs. You will either process those limiting beliefs or succumb to the fear. This is true of any exploration. You will either push past the fear to do conduct your exploration or you will turn back. Either way is fine, just know that the fear you feel is simply limiting. It is now wrong or bad. It is just a perfect reflection of your set of beliefs. Alter those beliefs and your fears will be reduced. You’ll start to receive true inspiration that will lead you forward rather than urges to change the conditions.

The desire to explore new employment opportunities could be either a true inspiration or an urge to change the conditions. How do you know if it’s inspiration or an urge? This might be difficult. However, if you exist in a state of unconditional and absolute acceptance of what is, you will only receive inspiration. If you exist in a state of fear and control, you will only receive urges to change the conditions. Before embarking on anything new, make sure you completely accept the present conditions. Then when inspiration strikes, you will know it.

With our love,
We are Joshua