Dear Joshua,

I apologize for my english which is not my usual language. I thank you for reading me. I have heard of you one month ago, and I was curious to know more about your teachings on law of attraction. I know Abraham’s teachings and other teachings on law of attraction.

15 years ago I wanted a change in my life. I stopped what I was doing to earn money (as a secretary) and I started to learn psychology, sophrology, reiki, EFT, law of attraction, energy to change myself, to change my life, and to help people to do so, as a therapist/coach. I wanted and I still want to help people to understand how law of attraction works so they can use it properly, in a good way to improve their life. So I have created on my own a card game which is an oracle, nearly 6 years ago.

I wanted it to be known more and more, so a lot of people could use it to improve their life. With law of attraction I had some successes, and bad times too. I wanted to live, to earn money from my creation, my passion, from my therapist work. But I have not succeeded yet. There were some situations that obliged me to take again a secretary job in order to pay the bills. I had a lack of faith in myself, and in life and I wondered if all this growth development work thing was really my path? Was the game I created good in helping people? For a long time I asked myself what was my mission or my goal on earth in this life?

On one hand I am a coach, therapist, author of a spiritual game and book, painter, and on other hand I work in a little society as a secretary to have money, but not very much. I would like to have more money, for me and my 3 children, but it is difficult sometimes. It is as if I was in a survival mode. How can I earn money to live well? I recognize it, and I also know that all this is changing in me, I can feel it now. Can you help me to answer my questions? Can you tell me if my work as a coach/therapist is the good path for me and if I have to go on with the cards game I created. I know I have resistances, fears, doubts but I can feel also that I am more confident now, I can feel the change inside myself. I need your largest point of view about my situation. I thank you again and I hope your answer will help other people too.

Best regards, Corine

Dear Corine,

As you have an interest in something, you follow it and it grows more. You enjoy what you are doing while you are doing it and you think “wouldn’t it be nice if others found value in what I’m doing so that it would validate my worthiness and bring in the money I so desperately want.” You want your passion to succeed so that you can have the money you desire. So what you end up doing is sabotaging both your passion and your ability to earn money through your passion. Try not to link the two together and you’ll have an easier time of it.

You certainly can follow your passions and enjoy a life of abundance. The problem is that you cannot know how the abundance will flow to you. You practice thoughts of the flow of money and by doing so you notice that it is not flowing. You want money to come through a very narrow tunnel that you have defined with your thoughts. When the money does not come in the way you think it should, you feel like a failure and you have doubts. It is this extreme focus on lack that brings more lack. By noticing that you are not succeeding as you hoped you would, you feel like a failure and this feeling is reinforced by the Law of Attraction.

Here’s what we would do.

We would read as much as we could on the things that interest us. We would follow whatever excites us in the moment. We would make money wherever we could and appreciate the flow of money from any source. We would not think too much about the lack of money even if it seemed so obvious at times. We would play as much as possible. We would never, ever try to figure out where the money would come from. We would never, ever compare ourselves to those we believed were more successful. We would use them as inspiration and proof, but we would only compare ourself to our past self.

We would paint and teach and talk and create and write and we would not measure our success in any way. We would appreciate those who received some benefit from our efforts, but we would not ask for more to come because we realize that this subject is on the leading edge of thought and most are not ready for it. We understand that our very high vibration is out of reach of most others, but those who can hear us will receive the benefit we intended.

We would understand that the Law of Attraction responds to our vibration so we would vibrate feeling good in order to receive things that felt good. We would vibrate confidence and appreciation so that we would receive moments of confidence and appreciation. We would understand that well-being is flowing and we would not worry that it is not flowing enough. We would understand that the flow will come to support whatever we need in the moment and more than that is not necessary.

We would relax about life and enjoy it for now knowing that our children will never be this age again and that the world will never be vibrating at this level ever again. We would simply and easily go with the flow of life always reaching for pleasant-feeling moments and looking forward in anticipation to wonderful moments to come. This would be our approach to life. If you can see just how wonderful your life is now, without complaining that it should be different, you can start from where you are and slowly create the life you truly desire. Stop worrying and start appreciating. Most people never allow themselves to find their true passions in life. You have found so many which means you are already successful.

You are loved,