Dear brothers Joshua.

The mission I had set for myself in this dimension is to serve the very big crowd through one very Big Dream of the manifestation of an Institute for Holographic Eye Care. But no matter how I tried to move toward this accomplishment, it’s as if something is missing, or is not working in cooperation with me. Is it because I put too much stress on myself or what I miss to achieve this dream? Negative Energy or What? Thank for your help to clear out these blocks maybe in Energy level…


Dear Codjo,

There are no blocks in your energy other than noticing what is not happening and then feeling frustration and other negative emotions. When you look at your work in this new and delicate area, you must congratulate yourself for the information and insights that you have found. You are working through a problem that is important to you and so you are fixated on the problem and the solution to the problem at the same time. This is what is keeping you from making great strides.

Imagine two people who are both working on a challenging problem. One desperately wants to find the answer and solve the problem quickly because he truly cares about the people who will benefit from the solution. The other does not care so much about the people who will be helped. He is interested in the day to day work. He loves the little discoveries. He is in bliss as he tries new things, talks to new people, and has new ideas. One is working for the benefit of other people and the other is just doing what he enjoys. Which person will make the fastest progress toward the solution?

It might seem strange for someone like you who cares about others so much to find out that it is your caring and desire to help that causes you to focus on the lack of progress. This is your only block. You must realize that this is an individual and very personal reality. The only thing that matters is you. You are at the center of your universe. You are meant to serve you first and by doing so you will serve others. The reason you want to help other people is because it makes you feel good. When you feel bad as you notice that you are not providing the level of help you so desire, you are focusing all of your energies on what you perceive as wrong. Focusing on wrong keeps that vibration active and alive. Focus on what is right and you will make progress.

It is the one who enjoys the work and the process that will achieve the results he desires. With his focus squarely on the solution and not the problem, he will move quickly and make great progress. He maintains the emotional state of allowing by being focused on the aspects of the process he enjoys most. He does not concern himself with time or progress, he enjoys the process. From this ultra-powerful state of allowing, he leverages universal forces to bring about the manifestation of the dream. It is the universe and the system itself that will solve the problem, not the man. All the man does is become the conduit by which the universe can present the solution. The solution exists now. The universe is working to bring it into reality. The man must allow it to come. When you focus on what you perceive as wrong, as stuck, or as lacking, you maintain the vibration of resistance. When you focus on the joy in the process and have faith that your state of alignment will yield to you all of the answers and inspiration to act, then you will receive insights and ideas that would not have occurred to you otherwise.

You are doing everything right. Your heart is in the right place. We ask that you become a little more selfish and think about what makes you happy about this dream rather than trying to help others. Those who desire your help will find you when and if they want to. Many with the problem you hope to solve have specifically chosen their condition and are comfortable with it. They don’t really want your help as hard as that is to believe. So if you want to help others, stop worrying about them and start making this work fun and rewarding for you. That is how you will truly be of service to others.