Dear Joshua,

I absolutely see the law of attraction work in my daily life, all day long. I get that my bank account could be full of money if I didn’t fuss over the balance. But I get bogged down by the every day details of balancing my check book to “focus” on a better financial situation! How can I balance my check book and have a budget while simultaneously focused on the millions of dollars in my birth right?


Dear Cassandra,

The million dollars is not in your birthright, abundance is. Joy is. Ease is. Happiness is. Appreciation is. Love is. Good feelings are. Intuition is. Guidance is. Passion is. These are your birthrights. Everything else comes from this.

Would you rather have abundance or a pile of cash in the bank? Abundance is the whole pie. Cash is just one tiny aspect of abundance. You can live abundantly without money. Money is simply one tool of abundance.

Abundance means that what you need comes to you as you need it. What you want flows to you in an evolving path of least resistance. Sometimes money is involved and sometimes it is not. You want to see how you are going to get your desire. You want to know how it will unfold. You imagine your desire can come in one of two or three ways and since you cannot know how it will comes, you believe that money has to be the route to your desire. You think you can see that, but you cannot.

Even if you had all the money you think you want, you could not figure out how to get the real, true essence of what you want with the money. You see, what you want is this very detailed thing. When you birth a desire, you refine it a million times and as the desire evolves it becomes rather specific. If you were to write a detailed explanation of what you want, you could not do it. Your desire is so nuanced that you could never explain it with words. Your desire exists, yet there is no way to articulate it accurately.

However, the universe knows the full and complete picture of your desire (all of your desires) and is lining up compatible forces to bring you the most elegant and complete manifestation of each and every desire. Right now, you are not a vibrational match to what you want and that is why it does not exist in your reality. You must change, not your bank account. You must evolve vibrationally to become a match. If you were to come into a pile of cash, you would not have changed and so your true desire would still not exist in your reality. You might use the cash to create an imitation of your desire, but this would not be satisfying in the least.

Allow the universe to do it’s job. If the universe needs money to bring you what you need, you will receive money. If the universe needs cooperative people to bring you what you need, you will meet new people. If the universe needs you to drop some limiting beliefs, you will face situations where these beliefs do not serve you and if you are aware of this, you will drop some of your limiting beliefs.

The best way to handle the fear of lack of money is to realize that you are already abundant. Appreciate the abundance that exists. Realize how good you have it. Compare yourself to the billions who would give anything to live just one day in your shoes. Think of how fortunate you are. Think of all the wonderful things at your fingertips. Look at the beauty that surrounds you. Think of all the wonderful people in your life. Appreciate that you have a far more advanced understanding of reality than most. Think of the benefit this gives you. Look at everything from the higher perspective. Don’t give another thought to lack. Think abundantly and let the irrational fear slip away.

You are living abundantly, you just don’t see that. Alter your perception just a bit and focus on abundance. Be easy about it. Don’t rush it. Allow your beliefs to expand. Don’t hang on to what is expected of you. Do what you like. Think better thoughts. Build the momentum of abundance. Give it time. You will see a shift. But the shift will not make things better. Things are good. See the good and the good will become more. You receive more of what you are focused on. Focus on abundance rather than lack.