Dear Joshua,

Thank you for co-creating with Gary at this time. Many of your perspectives are indeed advancing my journey, and I appreciate your input. I have many, many questions for you, but that will wait ’til another time.

I do not know if there is any way you can help with this, as I know I am the creator of my life and ultimately I get to decide and whatever I decide will be ‘right’. However: I have a decision to make in the next week: accept a job offer which doubles my pay and work time, or stay at the location and hours and pay I’m at now, which gives me abundance in other ways. I feel excitement about taking the new job offer – for a little while at least, it would be something new, new people, new place, change of scenery. And it could lead to opportunities to become an electrician or work in some other department and be learning something new. There are more pros to this job as well, (not mentioning the ‘cons’).

Pros to staying put are: feeling more connected to the community where my kids go to school, knowing I will have some free time at work each week to work on other things and still be getting paid for being there. More flexible schedule, and I already know and like the Postmaster, I like the environment, and I enjoy keeping it clean. I am closer and more available for my children while they’re at school. In case of them getting sick. Or in case of any issues with the management of my younger daughter’s type 1 diabetes. There are more details, but I’ll stop here. Can you help me to clarify which decision to make? Staying put feels like taking the opportunity to have more time with my children before they’re grown. Changing feels like doing something for me and my interests as a person, aside from being a mother.

Thank you,

Dear Carrie,

What a wonderful question about the subject of decision-making! Yes, whatever decision you make will be right. No, you cannot make the wrong decision. If you come to a fork in the road, both roads will lead to the exploration you intended. Isn’t that interesting? You want to make the right decision. You want to make the decision that will benefit you and those you love. You want to feel good about the decision. You want to have no regrets. Well then, if you think about it, it has nothing to do with the decision, only with your perspective.

Imagine you took the new job and you regretted that decision. You could only do that by choosing a limited perspective. If you believed that you would have been better off at your old job, then that belief is based in fear. All regret and resentment is based in fear. In fear you fall out of alignment and you receive urges to change the conditions. These urges will never be to your benefit, so there is no benefit in regret, resentment, or fear of any kind.

Imagine you stayed where you are and regretted the missed opportunity that the new job would have provided. You think about all the new things you would have learned and you imagine all the wonderful people that you missed meeting. That too is a limiting perspective. That is a choice. You can choose to believe that you made the right decision and in that choice, you maintain your alignment. In alignment you feel good and you receive more inspiration to act. That inspiration will lead you further along your path.

No matter what the decision is, you have a choice. You can choose to believe that you made the right decision or the wrong decision. You get to choose your perspective. We will tell you that it is impossible to make the wrong decision. You can only make the right decision, because both decisions are always right. Let us explain it to you. Normally, when you have a decision to make, the choice is obvious to you. When you are driving somewhere, you have a choice of various routes. Any route other than that which you choose would simply take more time. It would not be a wrong decision, because it would eventually lead you to your destination, it just takes a bit longer. Since time is an illusion, that can’t possibly matter and so the route you choose will always be right. Even if your normal route is blocked by a traffic accident, it is still the right route for you that day.

When you have a decision to make and the choice is not obvious, it’s because you are a vibrational match to both choices. If you were not a match, the choice would not be available to you. Since you are a match, the decision has come to you. Since you are a match to both choices, you can’t make a wrong choice. The only thing you can do is get yourself into alignment and feel which choice feels better.

This is a feeling reality and all you are doing is feeling something. You can see that this environment of physical reality guides you through your feelings. If it feels good, it’s right for you. So then, if you can get yourself into a good-feeling state of mind and just think the thought, “what choice best serves me, my family, the ones I love, and my highest good?” the decision will come. Whatever decision you choose will be best for you. You can’t make a mistake. That’s not a possibility for you.

However, you will have moments of doubt and fear and you will receive thoughts of regret, no matter which decision you choose. These thoughts are illusions and they have no useful purpose. They represent a reality that is not true. They don’t mean anything. They are not necessary and they only come in times of doubt and fear. They are just urges to change the conditions and they are born out of fear. Without the fear that you made the wrong choice, you could never feel regret. Release these thoughts because they do not serve you and replace them with the knowledge that you made the right decision, because that will be the truth for you.

With our love,
We are Joshua