I feel that an abundance of riches in the form of money is right in front of me my question is do you feel this will be over an extended period from business venture or instantly obtained from winnings?


Dear Carmen,

The feeling of abundance will lead to abundance. The feeling of an abundance of money is something different altogether. The excitement of coming into money may mean something different for you. Why is it that you are excited about money, rather than excited about abundance in general? Wouldn’t it be better to have general abundance rather than narrow that abundance down to just a pile of money? We think you’re missing the true value of abundance.

When you are living an abundant life, money is the last thing on your mind. When you are asking for money, you are really living in lack (not abundance) and you feel the money will relieve the feeling of lack. It cannot not because the system of physical reality does not work this way.

True abundance means having whatever you need at the exact time you need it. Can you understand this? If you are truly abundant, you could not care less about cash. Money would lose it’s meaning and value. If you were abundant, you would not think about the money. The money would only come when needed. If you were living abundantly, most things would come to you without the need for money. Money would only come when and if it was necessary.

If you can begin to focus on abundance rather than lack, you’ll become more abundant. Abundance stems from the attitude of love, gratitude, interest, passions, happiness, joy, etc. Lack is based in fear, anger, competition, scarcity, etc. Release the fear, and you become more abundant. Bring in more love and you become more abundant. Focus on money and you are focused on lack. Release your fears and you return to attracting more abundance.

Would it be more enjoyable to be around people you love and have an abundance of love in your life, or would you prefer a bank account full of money? Would you rather be able to do whatever you want to do, when you want to do it, or have a life tied to the accumulation of money? Would you rather experience the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from providing the world with a valuable product or service, or would you prefer to win a bunch of money? Abundance may include money, but true abundance is the by product of pursuing your interests and passions.

We can see your probable futures. Some of those probabilities include money, some include great feelings of abundance, and some include lack. We do not know which probable future you will choose. It is yours to decide. You may choose to continue as you are, focused on lack, believing that money will cure that, or you can chose to focus on the abundance you now enjoy, appreciating it all and then growing that into whatever may come. It is your choice.

You are far more abundant than you perceive. Everything you really want has already arrived. See how abundant you are. Understand that you are taken care of by the universe just as the animals are. What you need will come when you need it as long as you take your attention from the fact that it hasn’t yet arrived. Until it does arrive, focus on your interests and passions and have faith that when money is necessary, when it happens to be the path of least resistance, it will come in the amount that is required. Everything else will be provided in ways that have nothing to do with money.

You live in an abundant environment that has the wherewithal to give you everything you need when you need it. Money is only one small aspect of abundance. The universe is far more powerful than the dollar.