Dear Joshua,

I had quite a large manifestation event happen last Monday. I had an electrical surge at my house that fried my furnace and four of my appliances. I can tell that my higher self is engineering all of this for my greater good, But at the moment it is causing a lot of monetary anxiety. Duke Energy is responsible, and they have shunted me to their claims department. The claims people have said that they will reimburse me for the assessments and will probably give me money for the repairs or the value of whatever was damaged. This is very good, as I did not have home insurance.

Again I can tell that all this will probably be leading to a wonderful outcome, But today I hit zero on my bank account because I’ve had to pay for the initial assessments for all of these things. I’m doing my best to meditate and realize that nothing is intrinsically bad – that all this is happening for my benefit. I also realize that this is forcing me to be present in the moment and to completely trust that everything is working out for my highest good. But I admit that my fear is becoming overwhelming in certain moments. I’m doing my best to follow Joshua’s teachings on fear. I think it is working through that and relying on trust also that is scaring me so much. I’m trying to remind myself at each moment to be in gratitude and appreciation and to switch my thoughts to positive affirmations.


Dear Carla,

Who you truly are is a powerful and limitless creator. Who you are being at any moment in time is either aligned with this true version of you or with a limited idea of your true self. You are moving toward that limitless version of you who can manifest the life you desire. However, your current set of beliefs are in conflict with the true version of you and so you exist in a limited state. You impose your limitations through your set of beliefs. In order to expand to a less limited version of yourself, you must process limiting beliefs in all areas of your life.

You have a set of beliefs about financial abundance. You believe that money can come from a limited source and once it has arrived, it must be protected. You believe that unwanted things such as bills, repairs or loss of money could happen to you and so they must. Until you alter your set of beliefs in this area, you will continue the exploration of lack. In this exploration you are choosing, you are receiving an abundance of experiences that allow you to fully experience more lack.

If you would like to explore something different, you must adopt a new set of beliefs. You must believe that you are worthy of financial success and independence. You must not concern yourself with how the money comes or how it goes. You must believe that you are a limitless being and give up your worry about finances. You must let all of that go and adopt a new approach to life. You must accept that you have some limiting beliefs and then allow the universe to create manifestation events that will cause you to expand to a new perspective with regard to money.

You perceive that if you had just a bit more money, you would feel secure. This is asking the universe for something outside of yourself in order to make you feel something you do not already feel. This cannot work. This is the approach to life of the victim. You are a creator and you create by adjusting your vibration and cultivating the feeling internally. Your vibration is based in fear and lack and so all of your experiences reflect this vibration. In order to change your vibration, you must change your beliefs.

You have always received everything you needed to explore whatever you were exploring. You have always had enough money to explore your levels of worthiness around money (and every other aspect of your life). Change your idea about your power. See yourself from the higher perspective. Do not care about money. Do not care so much about security. Do not focus on what’s missing, rather focus on all the god that exists in your life. See all of this as happening for you and not to you and you’ll gain confidence. This is a practice that will take a bit of time. However, when you start to perceive your true power (the power to love and accept yourself, the conditions, and all other people), you will move to a new reality. In time, your perspective of yourself will raise and you will see yourself as much more worthy and this will attract the reality you truly want.

This small event will allow you to see how everything always works out. Have faith in this truth and watch how it does work out. This will help you alter your beliefs and will lead you forward on your journey from fear to love and from the old approach of victimhood to the new approach of creator.

With our love,
We are Joshua