Dear Joshua,

How do you explore abundance through the experience of poverty except by noting your lack of it? It’s still hard for me to understand how abundance is the birthright of children who continue to suffer and die for lack of clean drinking water or sufficient food. Abundance is OUR birthright, but only by serendipity.

It seems like you are saying that saving is equivalent to a scarcity mentality. Isn’t saving money pretty much the same as insurance? You’re saying: Yes, I fully expect to be vital and productive until my last day on earth, but even with all the positive thought and attraction in the world I can’t guarantee that no event will occur that might put me in a position to require some assistance.

So if everyone who has insurance or saves money is suffering from a lack mentality, why would it be that the wealthiest people always do both?

It seems to me that animals are keenly aware of lack. They store up food or fat (savings), knowing that winter is coming. They don’t see it as a bad thing, but just something to prepare for. Animals migrate sometimes thousands of miles because of the lack of food or mating opportunities in their usual surroundings. They’re always investing in their future, hyper-focused on the possibility of danger, acutely concerned about where their next meal is coming from, and yet fully alive in every moment.

Isn’t it the mindset with which you approach these matters that really makes the difference? If you save money, have insurance, plan for the future, etc., you’re not necessarily suffering from lack. But if you live in fear, obsess over what you don’t have, envy those with more, and miss golden opportunities because of your sacrifices, then you are certainly living out of sync with the natural flow of the the highest promise of humanity.


Dear Bruce,

You are absolutely right. You can be a saver and the feeling you get from having a security blanket allows you to focus more on what you do want. You can also be a saver and the insecurity that you feel from not saving enough or losing your savings right before you need them can cause you to focus on the lack of money. Either way, it is your perception that allows you to feel good or prevents you from feeling good. We don’t see the subject as savings being good or bad, we understand that the subject is neutral and it is the individual’s perspective that makes it beneficial or not.

This is true of all subjects. They are neutral until one chooses how to perceive a certain subject. You can view poverty from your perspective as negative and something that must be eliminated and the subject can cause you to feel bad from that perspective. You could also choose to see the subject in a way that benefits you and helps you to feel better about it. It is up to you to decide how you will view any subject. The subject itself is neutral. There is nothing that is inherently right or wrong. It is the perception of the one looking at the subject that causes it to be good or bad.

The fact is that your perspective is limited. There is no way you can fully grasp the complexities of any subject from where you now stand. You can’t know the real reason so many choose poverty. You can’t see the big picture. You cannot see the benefit in something you would not choose for yourself. You want to see it as wrong, yet we are here to say that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Everything is right. We can see the bigger picture. We know the benefits. We also know that once you are born, you have free will and you have the ability to be, do or have anything you desire. You may not choose to exercise this ability because were born into a condition that set you off on a trajectory that was intended prior to your birth. You chose the conditions of your birth because you knew that this would create the life that would lead you to that which you wanted to explore. You are exploring reality in the way you intended prior to your birth.

Animals are not keenly aware of lack. Animals are guided by their inner selves. You call this instinct. We call it guidance. Animals are not focused on what they do not want and therefore they are fully allowing the guidance from within. Their inner selves know when winter is coming and so the animals are guided to eat more or migrate to the exact spot where food is plentiful. The animals are not focused on wrong, they are neutral and they are allowers. Because they do not feel bad, they allow well-being and guidance to flow.

When you see any subject as wrong or bad and you feel negative emotion, this is your indication that you are viewing the subject from a limited perspective. Your inner self sees the subject from the higher perspective and knows that your attention is placed on something unwanted. This focus in a direction that does not serve you will temporarily cut of guidance and well-being in proportion to the strength of your negative emotion. This negative emotion let’s you know that you are holding onto a limiting belief which is based in fear. It is your personal fear that causes you to see a subject as wrong. If not for the fear, you would not see the subject as wrong.

The mindset is the only thing of importance because how you feel is the only thing that matters. This is a feeling reality and your reality is created through your feelings. If you feel good, you create a good-feeling reality. If you feel bad, your reality will match your feelings. Most people feel a mix of good and bad and sometimes their reality looks good and sometimes it is not what they would prefer. The key to creating the life you want is to adopt a mindset which allows you to feel good. This is done by reaching for the higher perspective and understanding that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe.

You have but to look at the conditions of your own childhood to see that what we say is true. Your parents and the time and place of your birth created a trajectory that launched you on a path that would lead to the life you are now living. Everything that you personally wanted to be and to explore was brought forth through that trajectory. Your son chose you and Mary Ellen specifically for the combination of attributes you both possess. Your son chose the time and place of his birth specifically to set up a trajectory so that he could explore certain specific aspects of physical reality. He can choose something different now that he is here, but because you are who you are, he can be assured that his path will not be interrupted.

You are loved more than you can imagine and things are going just the way you had hoped.