Dear Joshua,

As a leader and teacher, I am sharing your teachings to a Group of French people. During a period of individual coaching (at the end of the Bootcamp), a participant told me that she was a little upset about the fact that you suggest, at the end, this:

“Before you do anything else, you must return to this course and help one or more make the decision to enroll and stand by their side as they do the same work you just completed.”

I suppose she’s upset because she doesn’t see clearly yet, her role as a leader and teacher. In other words, she is not “vibrationally” ready and that she has fear.

I remember, even though I was engaged to share your teachings with a Group of people (before the Bootcamp), that this way to do (your asking to refer people) upset me a little too, because it reminded me the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and when it was time to speak about referral, at that time of the MLM, it turned me off.

But since then, and because it’s not the same point of view that I have with your teachings, I can get over that (smile..). But how can I explain that more clearly to my participant. Because she told me that she was happy to learn that her soul’s purpose was to be a leader and teacher but when she read what I shared above about having to spread the word, well that turns her off.

Thank you very much Joshua (and Gary), for your great teachings which still help me on my inspired path.


Dear Audrey,

There are two types of learning: one as the student and one as the teacher. Those on the journey of the spiritual leader and teacher are prepared for both types of learning; first as the student and then as the teacher. In order to become the teacher, one must have a student to teach.

As a light-worker, your intention prior to your birth was to shine your light as an example of alignment that would switch on the light in others. This is the exploration of all teachers and light-workers. In order to switch on the light in others, you must find your alignment. If it is your soul’s purpose to lead and teach, then you must travel along that path. This is your unique journey of true self-discovery.

As with all journeys, you come to understand your subject of exploration in a very different and new way by the end of the journey. Through experiences gained along the journey, you expand to new levels of awareness and reach higher perspectives. This is the fun and exciting aspect of all journeys. In order to discover your abundance, you start your journey in a place of lack. On the journey to the discovery of your worthiness, you begin your journey in unworthiness. Whatever journey you are on is the journey you will teach.

In your case Audrey, you are on the journey of the spiritual leader and teacher. You are a teacher of teachers. You are a leader of leaders. But first you start as a student and a follower. Each step of your journey is expansive and you learn more and more about yourself as a teacher and a leader. All of your limiting beliefs and fears will be exposed along the way. You will analyze those fears and process those limiting beliefs. As you do, your vibration rises. This is the purpose of the journey. You have wobble in your vibration just like everyone else. Where you are on your journey now is unique to you and so your unique fears will come forth.

You perceived that it was a turn-off to discuss bringing in new students. However, this process of attracting and engaging new students is obviously part of the leader’s journey and so it is perfectly aligned with who you truly are. You have limiting beliefs in this area and so in order for you to expand to the version of you that you intended to become prior to your birth, you must reduce the intensity of your limiting beliefs. This is a perfect example of one limiting belief. It is being displayed to you perfectly in the comments from a student. This is your (and the other person’s) limiting belief that must be processed. See how the design of the system is perfect!

Your fears about becoming a great and powerful spiritual leader and teacher will all be exposed so that you can process the limiting beliefs one by one. This is the journey. It is perfect. This is what you want. You must now go inside and summon the guidance from within. This is where all of your intelligence, wisdom and creativity are to be found. Ask yourself what you might say to one who has this or any other limiting belief and your answer will be delivered to you.

With our love,
We are Joshua