Dear Joshua,

I wrote you a long question yesterday about the subject that I will share with you today, did you received it? (smile) … At the end of my question, 4 pages were written! So I realized that it was too much for a question, and I was describing my “old approach to life”. So I thought that maybe you can catch my vibration somehow and that you know who I am in a certain manner?

So I have reduced my questions:

How to we vibrate to money when (we think), this is what we want in life because we have to respect our commitment to others? How to allow the universe to bring this money (what’s the internal work?). I know there is no wrong in the universe, and it’s all about perception and that we create our reality. But I would like your higher perspective so that I could comprehend it and apply it in my “feeling reality!”

Fortunately, I manage my feelings well between the moment where I do not have obligations to pay, meanwhile there are those times (like having to prepare my income tax statements), that I don’t like and it seems that the LOA knows it and brings me more of those bills (sometimes) because of my low vibration in the moment I suppose? Also, how to vibrate for receiving (or making) money when you know that when you receive it, you will have to give it back? At least, this is what comes in my mind sometimes, not always, but more specifically when its time to receive money and then to pay something.

And other question that came while writing is this:

We heard that someone who wins the lottery often loses the money because they were not a vibrational match to this amount of money (or not ready). I understand that. So, when someone declares bankruptcy, is it the same thing? Meaning if they erase all of the debts through bankruptcy (while they go through a lot of emotions – generally bad), if they haven’t “worked“ on their vibration of money, they might come back to their old patterns (or limiting beliefs) and so coming back with new debts for instance? Do you have some clues about that subject? Is there a difference by perceiving those 2 subjects or do they have something in common (for the people who seem to need money I mean)?

And a last quick one: What do you think about Human DNA vs the subject of money (or worthiness, or abundance)? Some people choose to be born in a rich family and others in a poor family, but is there something in between?

I know that the universe does the work for us somehow, by chipping away our limiting believes, but I would like your advice about the essence of my questions.

Thanks a lot for your teachings Joshua and to Gary!

With Love,

Dear Audrey,

This is your lucky day. We are going to describe the vibration of abundance so that you may receive all the abundance you will ever need. Here it is. Are you ready? The feeling of abundance is the same feeling as the feeling of feeling good. If you feel good, then you have reached the same vibration as the feeling of abundance. There it is. That was so easy.

Now, do you want to experience abundance? Then all you need to do is feel good and you will receive abundance. Do you know what abundance is? Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. If you are thirsty and there is water nearby, you are living in abundance. If you are hungry and you have something to eat, you are living in abundance. If you are lonely and you want to talk to someone and someone is available to talk to you, then you are living in abundance. If you are interested in something and you can go online and research the subject, you are living in abundance. If you can do any of these things, then you are living in abundance and that is very good.

Of but that’s not what you want is it? You think you want something more. You want money. We ask why? Why would you need money when you live in abundance? It makes no sense.

To live an abundant life is to have what you need when you need it. If that is the case, which it certainly is if you look closely, then you have everything you truly want.

You think you want a new car and we ask why? You think you want a better place to live and we ask why? You think you want or need this and that and we ask why? If you want the feeling of that, then you shall have it because you live in an abundant reality and you can have, do, or be anything you truly want. However, you cannot escape the feeling of lack by receiving money. You cannot escape the conditions you do not like by winning the lottery. It is all an inside job. You must only work on how you feel now and what you want to feel later and then you can create the life you desire on purpose.

You desire money. That is not a true desire. That is a desire to escape some other feeling you do not like such as; insecurity, doubt, lack, etc. Money will not help that. However, if you are fully involved in a passion, for instance, you will be given whatever you need to pursue that passion. If you need to learn a new language, you’ll be inspired to learn it and depending on your level of desire, it will come rather easily. If you need to reach people in far-off lands, you will be given the tools to communicate with them and it will come rather easily. If you need money to purchase supplies to fulfill your passion, then either the money will come or the supplies will come.

Money is simply energy and is one tool by which the universe may bring you what you need if you allow it. You cannot hoard energy, because energy cannot be easily stored. You must allow the energy to flow. If you need money for a bill, the money will come, but do not hate paying the bill because it relieves you of the money that just came into your life. Thank the bill for attracting the money you needed when you needed it. That is the way to look at money.

If you needed no money, then money would not matter. When you were a child you did not need money because your needs were taken care of. You think you think you need money now, but that is not true. You are still taken care of.

Do not think of abundance as wealth or success. Those are very different feelings and money may be a side effect to those pursuits or not. Never ask for money, ask for the abundance that is yours by birthright and remember that money has nothing to do with abundance. If you desire money, you are actually looking at the subject of lack and insecurity and this is no way to attract money. Attract all the money you will ever need by understanding that you are a worthy being, by following your interests and passions, by understanding the laws of the universe and having faith in those laws, by appreciating money when it comes and when it goes, by seeing it as energy, and by regarding it as simply a tool the universe uses from time to time to bring you what you need.

Abundance is everywhere. You receive what you need, when you need it. That’s all it is. It has nothing to do with anything other than your opinion that it should be more obvious in your life. Take notice of how abundant your life is and you’ll attract more abundance. That’s the Law of Attraction at work. You wrote a question and your question was answered. We call that abundance.

With our love,
We are Joshua