Dear Joshua,

As part of the lessons that I share on Universal Laws, I shared with participants the beliefs about money that you have shared with us. A remark came in connection with one particular belief shared. Could you help me to answer this question please?

One belief says that: “I know that the universe will bring money into my life as a constant flow and that it is not necessary or even practical for me to hoard money.” The participant wrote: “It does not say what to do if I have an important and expensive project to do (buy a home, a car or other thing) and I don’t want to go into debt with a loan.” So Joshua, what would you say to this remark?

Meanwhile during my presentation, I talked about the 4 primary fears. And another participant shared something about the fear of lacking of money. Do you have something to share about the source of lacking money (this irrational fear)? Could it be the fear of lacking love (an other kind of energy?)

Thanks in advance for your answers, I appreciate a lot.


Dear Audrey,

We will start by saying that money is energy and it sometimes works to move things around and bring you what you want. But there is more to it than that. Money is the grease that gets the wheel rolling, but it is not the wheel. You never really want money, nor the things it can buy. What you want is the feeling you think those things will bring. Sometimes money is helpful in the manifestation of your desire and sometimes it confuses the issue.

If you learn to see money as a flow of energy, and that flow can come from many different sources, then this will be beneficial. Imagine that you desire a new car and you also have the desire not to go into debt. You want the good feeling of having a new car, yet you also want to avoid the feeling of being in debt which to you is not a good feeling. Remember that if you feel bad by being in debt, then you limit yourself and the flow of energy. It’s the same as hoarding money. It’s done out of fear.

There is nothing wrong with borrowing money because that is just another way the money can flow. If you feel bad borrowing money, then that is an indication of a limiting belief based in fear. If you believe that you need to hoard money, just to feel safe, then that is an indication of a limiting belief which is based in fear. If you believe that money will flow to you in the exact amount needed at the right time, then your belief about money is highly beneficial and it will come as needed.

Think of money as air. You need air to live. Air is extremely important to you. You cannot go more than a few minutes without it. But air is abundant and you believe enough air will be there for your next breath and so it is always there. You are never worried about running out of air. You do not hoard air because you have faith that all the air you need will come in the right amount at the right time. This is a highly beneficial belief.

If you believed in the abundant supply of money just as you believe in the abundant supply of air, you would have all the money you ever needed and it would arrive as needed. Now, if you limit the flow of money by believing it is wrong to borrow and good to hoard, then you are attached to a limiting belief that will not bring you what you want. You are choosing to limit your experience.

Instead, if you said, “I want a new car and I don’t care how it comes,” then it would come. Maybe you will be inspired to take a loan, maybe you’ll be inspired to sign a lease, maybe you’ll win the money to buy a car, maybe someone will give you a car. The fact of the matter is that you cannot see how your desire will be delivered to you. But if you choose to limit the ways it could come, you effectively slow the process and you might become focused on the lack of what you want. You’ll notice it isn’t coming and that attention causes it not to come.