Dear Joshua,

I’m reading your book: A radical change. I love it! There is a paragraph that I would like you to explain to me please. I have written the beginning of this paragraph for you to put in context: Here is this paragraph: (p. 253): “If it was really important to you, you would begin the path to the life of your dreams today. You could begin the manifestation process that would allow you to have that life. If you really, really wanted it, it would come to you. But you don’t really want it. You really want what you already have. If you look around at your life and what it’s like, it is made of the stuff you really, really want. IF SOMETHING IS MISSING IN YOUR LIFE, YOU DON’T WANT IT ENOUGH TO SACRIFICE WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS NECESSARY TO SACRIFICE IN ORDER TO GET IT. THIS IS A FLAWED APPROACH TO ABUNDANCE.”

So could you tell me what this paragraph means (the second part in caps) and/or give me an example about what I “believe is necessary to sacrifice in order to get it”. In my case, money is missing (I should say: the flow of money, or the energy in general, now that I understand that it is not money I’m really looking for but the feeling). But in the context of my life right now, it’s hard not to think that what I want is translating into cash money.

I have another question with the following paragraph in the same book (p. 248):

“Follow your interests, become consumed with your passions, don’t worry about money, and the money will flow as it’s needed to support your passion.” When I read this, I’m thinking in my mind: “The money I want (or is needed) is to support myself, not my passion. Does that it mean that I must become (or be) my passion? In other words, I consider that what “I think” I’m wanting is money to support my life, to keep my commitments and to have more abundance and fun in my life than in the past years.

Why do you say that the money will flow as it’s needed to support my passion, when the reason why I want money is to live the best way? I don’t want that money to support my passion as such as the fact to support my life? So I think I have answered my own question, saying that my passion should be my life, and change my perspective ? Thank you for that clarification.

Yours truly Audrey

Dear Audrey,

If money was your passion and you followed your passion, money would come to support that passion. You would soon be a millionaire as long as you felt worthy in the pursuit of your passion. If money was your passion, you’d be interested in stocks, investing, banking, accounting, and all things related to the subject of money. We know that money is not your passion.

Most millionaires do not have a passion for money. Their passions lie elsewhere. They’ve followed a passion for which they felt worthy and the side effect of that was the allowance of great sums of money. Their passion led to their fortune, but their primary pursuit was not money, it was something else that they were interested in. The money just flowed to support their passion as needed.

If money is not your passion, the easiest way for you (and most everyone else) to allow the flow of money is to follow whatever it is that you’re interested in and stop worrying about money. When you follow a passion and you get into the state of bliss, you move into the state of allowing. In this state, you receive the abundance that is required to support you. It is a natural flow of energy that is your birthright. Had you not been so focused on the lack of money (which is what is preventing the money from flowing), the money would come as you needed it when you needed it in the exact amount you allowed. When we say “it comes to support your passion,” we mean that it will come to support your life so that you may focus on your passion.

Now, if you feel that money should come to you in a certain manner and in a specific amount, you are resisting all of the other ways it could come. You may earn money, you may find money, you may borrow money, you may receive it by mistake, and you may be given money. There is no wrong way to receive unless you judge it as wrong and then that blocks it from coming.

You are in a state of resistance to money because you are focused on lack and unworthiness. As you pursue your passion to teach the laws of the universe, you are confronted by feelings of unworthiness. This is common for many teachers such as yourself. You must get over these feelings of self-judgment and fear and start teaching. You will learn as you teach and you will begin to feel more worthy over time. If you turn your attention to whatever interests you and become focused on that instead of lack or unworthiness, the money will start to flow. If you notice it isn’t coming and you feel bad, you stop it from coming. It’s just how the system works.

So, if your primary concern is money, then you will have to allow it to come in a way that conforms with your current belief system. We suggest you ask for money and see what happens. Get used to asking for what you want because until you do, know one will know what you want.

You are love and you are loved.